Inspiring stories of CAT cracking or The Best of 'All I wanted to speak about CAT' CAT & Related BSchools

Update: Download the ebook version here - http://www.pagalguy.com/books/
Very often, all you need is a pep-talk to get you out of a temporary mind blockage during your arduous CAT prep. Sometimes, that pep-talk can be given only by someone who's been through that pain him/herself [smiley]
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swapnilwaichale : IIM A

hkarthikm : NITIE Mumbai

Rudra nil

Satwinder : FMS Delhi

ice princess : IIM K

ashvek_ambe : IIM B

instinctivefist : NITIE Mumbai

enamoured4664 : IIM K


reddevilhell : FMS Delhi

gourabganguly : IMT Ghaziabad

ShikharV : NITIE Mumbai

first_timer : XLRI

Slayer23 : SPJIMR Mumbai

sairamkarthik : IIM A


skr_14 : IIM C

kumarkumar : IIM B

playmaker : IIFT Delhi

IIM-A : TISS Mumbai

divyathediva : FMS Delhi

yash09 : IIM C

riteshindian : IIM I

prince31jain : IIFT Delhi


mishrasingh : not a cat story, but sheer perseverance

gudakesh : MDI Gurgaon

syed_azhar905 : MDI Gurgaon

gasrockr1 : JBIMS Mumbai

scorpion_3 : IIM L

TruthBeTold : IIM C (a complete insight into before, during and after MBA)

falaknuma : IIM A

WarriorWithin : IIM L

Dreamyboy : FMS Delhi

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continuing with the experiences:-
Sajal_lovescat : IIM K
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Dude I gotta say one thing. No matter how much we say or how effective we present, it is always about you in the end. See when I hang up my boots I shouldn't be feelin dat shitttt!!! I could hv done bttr. Or wish dat I wud hv not hid behind the veil of excuses. The best if it is will be 4 u n d w...
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And i used to think that my story was crazy.....thank you for all these experiences....it was truly inspirational...way to go leaders!!!
Student of School of Inspirational Leadership
Eleanor Roosevelt the first lady of the US once said 'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.'
This is exactly what each one of us have achieved till date while the others strive to achieve at the same time..making dreams come true is what we...
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Hi all!!!
This is a generic post and um sorry to place it here.
@Mods-If u feel this is of any worth for even a single fella then make it reach the right place. Its a request.
Before I begin lemme jus tell u briefly bout myself. An IT enginner with 3 yrs of exp with TCS n INFY the 2 bi...
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Well whether you are posting on international or rural forum , one needs to understand the rules and regulations before posting ,so i cant comment on your post as i have not seen it but , may be it was not according to the rules and regulations , and so your post was removed. Hope you read the di...
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If you claim to be an average human being then why do you call yourself a 'Guru' (your username).....use a more subtle 'average' name instead
What makes you think that money is passed around in the rankings? It is done on a user-to-user basis, not by a panel of experts.
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The experiences continue:
maxximus (part 2)
vivekkahn: NITIE Mumbai
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No queries on this thread please. All queries go to the relevant threads mentioned in Shruti's various posts on this thread:
Updating the thread with new posts by stalwarts who dreamed and a...
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just wanted to add-
sleep well, very very important...you wouldn't wanna feel cranky on the exam day...
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Alright, with CAT 2010 just around the corner, here's wishing you guys Good Luck...Just thought I'll chip in with my 2 cents...a brief background first, I had a work ex of 3 years when I gave CAT last yr...It was my one and only shot at CAT (@ saumya19...here u go...does this help?)..
Now, I w...
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I have a request-did NOT know where else to put this up.
Could you include the "all i wanted to speak about CAT" stories of 2007 and 2008.Some of the experiences are missing in this inspiring stories list.
If that is done,i'm sure many of us in PG would indeed feel very grateful.
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This is something to which a lot of people might not agree. All the great experiences that have made a mark here are really good. The only thing that bugs me here is how this motivation thing works for all of u puys (I have seen a lot of people using 'puy' in place of 'guy', I guess must do so as...
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Well, I dont have any special journey. But i will surely like to share some learning from my experience.
1. Always try to learn from your mistakes and make sure not to repeat them. I am sure you will commit every possible mistake once in ur Mock Tests. So make sure not to repeat them in actual...
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Hey guys,'
read this::
Perhaps,this would be one of the most fascinating and motivating stories for CAT aspirants and ceratinly deserves to be in this thread.....
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Even i started my prep in Aug only.
I never attended any classroom coaching and bought the second hand CAT coaching material from market. I had 3 years of work exp and there was hectic schedule in office. (Although weekends were free).
The only thing i did seriously was taking every...
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Hi shining_star,
never give up your hopes....
i converted by starting the prep in late july along with hectic work...
that too this is my first CAT.
Focus on the means, and the end will definitely follow.
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Hey Apurv...
My crybaby first-attempt-and-failure MICA story is not exactly too inspiring... So I tried something better...
Please substitute the link on the first page with this one... Thanks :)
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i thought i had the going tough. although i have converted iift delhi, i just decided to read the stories here. damn, people, we do have some awesome people at puy.
for all those you made it:- you deserved to.
for those who havent yet:- winters almost over, spring is in the offing....
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