IMT Ghaziabad 2013-2015 GD-PI call getters CAT & Related BSchools

Congrats on getting a call for GD-PI process for IMT's 2013-2015 PGDM course.
Lohit Gupta|PGDM14(DM) CCCMRC, IMT-G http://ccmrcimtg.wordpress.com/
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  • prachi2505 HI..:) I would be interested in knowing the expected cut off for IMT ghaziabad for 2014-2016 batch. I am applying through XAT. what are the chances of getting a call with 84%ile?

    thank you.:)
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    full time includes:major: mkting/hr/IT/IB/OPERATIONS can be any andMINOR:mkting/hr/IT/IB/OPERATIONS/Finance
    whereas in pgdm financemajors: financeminor:mkting/hr/IT/IB/OPERATIONS/Finance
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    can anyone tell me the difference between PGDM-Full time, IB, and Finance?SCM comes under which course?
    IMT ka date change karana mushkil nhi , namumkin hai
    Bhaiyon...IMT ka date change kaise kare..I have it on 22nd feb, and same day I hv XLRI (BM n HRM) both....
    Can anyone please elaborate on my realistic chances of making it to IMT Ghaziabad FT or Finance or IB course at a CAT Score of 95.7 (Sectionals 94.36 and 93.08) and an OK GD/PI? With decent acads and 19 months Work Ex in Manufacturing Sector.
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    @MBA_brat its 98.xx .. My cat score was too good for IMT .. The calls can be for CAT or XAT , in any case , best of them woudl be considered.
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    @bhaduriarchit whats ur xat score? Is this xat based call or cat based call for N/h?
    @MBA_brat 19th Feb, Bangalore. wait for it. not long before it reaches your inbox. :)
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    @bhaduriarchit no i didn't. :(When is ur interview?
    @MBA_brat Did you get your XAT based call yet? i received a mail for the GD PI.
    can anyone tell me the difference between PGDM-Full time, IB, and Finance?SCM comes under which course?
    @MbaIIMA ---see as per previous posts...i think once dey consider ur xat score during final evaluation,dey vl ask fr ur preference again
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    @inamoratoshan But I am interested in only the Ghaziabad Campus. And in any case they dont have any thing mentioned for the IMT G campus (no options for preferences) in the existing form.
    @MbaIIMA --as u hv got one call...so dere would be no further calls fr u ...so its btr to attend d intrvw now only
    @lohitgupta Dear Lohit, I have recieved a call letter for IMT's Napur/Hyd/Dubai Campus based on my CAT scores. Can I opt out of this interview and wait for another call through XAT scores(95%). Will I be issued another call based on my XAT scores in such a case ?
    I got 10 GPA out of maximum possible 10. Since there is no formula for conversion the percentage is derived as (10/10)*100. My total cgpa is 9.42 i.e. 94.2 percent...
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    @hk123 the important question for me would now be - excuse me for being blatant - did you convert it?? cuz then i can hope accordingly
    @hk123 seriously how did u score 100% ??
    @protokal Last year they also grilled me on acads after 2.5 years of workex.. Couldn't convice them how I got 100% in last year (actually that was 10 gpa without any conversion formula).....was also asked how does an aeroplane fly...? I couldn't answer satisfactorily..... they were surprised how ...
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    @hk123 yeah, we had to discuss whether amending the constitution to accomodate sachin as eligible for bharat ratna is valid.. and bharat ratna can be a common topic cuz its the highest civilian award.. so high fi stuff :)