Iiswbm solution centre 2011-13 CAT & Related BSchools

Hello Aspirants!
Admission process for 2011-13 MBA (Day) & MHRM has started. :biggrin:
The details for the same are as follows :
Eligibility: Honours Degree or its equivalent in any discipline/Graduate in
any professional course (Engineering, etc.), LLB (5 years) of a recogniz...
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someshg Says
my cat percentile is 61.59 ...should i apply ?

Last date is already over..
Anindita Roy Burman | MBA(Marketing) | 2011-2013 | IISWBM
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my cat percentile is 61.59 ...should i apply ?
This thread is closed..kindly post your queries in the following thread..your queries would be answered there..
And replying to your current query..if time is the major constraint & you ...
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Hi Everybody,
I am an Btech IT Professional with 3 yrs of IT experience.
I am planning to do an MBA but due to time and financial constraints i am unable to do a full time MBA.
I have a keen interest on doing part time executive MBA.
I have narrowed down to IISWBM Part Time PGDBM(3 yr...
Industries and Relations...
check for any ir/hr related isues
Great work Monimoy..Aspirants please post your doubts and queries in the new thread..
Aspirants please direct your queries to the following thread which is for the 2012-2014 session of IISWBM
@Moderators please close this thread..
thank you!
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My percentile was 92.37..
There are no separate cutoffs for OBC category in IISWBM..Securing a 80+ percentile would guarantee you a GD/PI call for sure..
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Dont worry if anyone dont have hons degree..
calcutta university issue som certificate to compensate hons (after ur selection)
See the checklist along with the form.....as far as I remember .....nothing extra is required to be submitted along with the form, except work experience certificates, if any..... do verify at the counter while purchasing the form.....
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what are the documents i need to submit with the form of iiswbm for MBA (day) and MHRM
As Sreemanta has already replied,I don't think worrying about the marks should be a matter of concern right now.I guess u should set your priorities and concentrate on the task ahead.As far as the scoring pattern is concerned,it is not at all difficult to get 60% if u give your complete efforts t...
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Plsssss dont wrry abt d marks frm now on.....concentrate on ur entrance exams, if at all.....(first thing first).....if u work hard den nothin is difficult......:D
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so u mean its difficult to get 60% in IISWBM, nyways whats the avg % people get in IISWBM.
Though it is not difficult to "pass" the papers in IISWBM, but it is quite a laborious task to get good marks in IISWBM as it is under CU and these people are usually a bit stringent about marks... So, you have to study hard after/if you join the b-school.
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And one more thing i wan know is it difficult passs th papers under calcutta university in IISWBM
HONS is required only where there is distinctly two separate courses called Hons. n Pass for the same degree......(eg: B.Com(Hons.)/(Pass) from CU).....not required otherwise......:D
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even i have done my BBM From BANGALORE UNIVERSITY we dont have hons its a degree in bangalore
hey...I wanna know that what is the cutoff of this year for MHRM???At the same time does IISWBM accepts MAT score??..if yes...then what is the cutoff for MHRM for both CAT and MAT??...
1. Either of the score i.e. CAT/MAT will suffice. There is no fixed weightage as such. But one needs good academic background & good performance in GD/PI to sail through. If you have work-ex its an added advantage!
2. Yes, all GDs are held together & PI also takes place the same day.
3. A...
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