IIM Indore PGP at Mumbai Admission 2013-2015 CAT & Related BSchools

Hello puys,
Applications have been invited to IIM Indore's 2 year full-time (non-Residential) flagship Post-Graduate Program in Management(PGP) being offered in Mumbai.
Here is the notification:
The application ...
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daniell @ANAMIKA1310 Please direct your queries to our 2014-16 a.... 07 Mar.
daniell The official notification for PGP Mumbai program for the .... 07 Mar.
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so in number of attempts do i have to write 2??bcz i had only 1 subject backlog not the whole?so what m i supposed to write in that
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    @pradyothcjohn I had 1 backlog in my first semester and second semester of Engg...So what i need to do in the form its very confusing..pls help
    @pradyothcjohn :C an u tell me about the placement process for this campus??
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    Hi @pradyothcjohn
    What I understand is that an Indian national if considers to apply thru GMAT score has to pay $250(=INR13000) whereas if applying thru CAT score has to pay only Rs 1000.
    I cannot understand the rational behind this wide gap in the fee for both the channels.
    The fee in ...
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    @pradyothcjohn So, you mean to say that my chances are bleak !! Right ? Owing to my low acad scores........
    Hi...are the placemnts via iim ind nly or different...also wat is the avg pakage lyk?
    @pradyothcjohn Thank you for the insight!!
    @shis0821 Since admission criteria has changed considerably this year, it's nearly impossible to evaluate a candidate's chances. Normalization will also play a big part. If you believe that your 10th, 12th and grad scores are good ,you stand a good chance of getting a call.
    Last year's admission details:
    Note: Minimum scores shown were not scored by the same candidate. It is likely that a low score in one parameter was offset by high scores in others.
    The admission criteria ...
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    @OA: 97.27 QA : 87.5 VA : 98.98 10th: 91.4 12th: 73.2 Engg. 71.6 Work Exp. 30months(IT) What are my chances ?