IIM-C PGDM/PGDCM 2007-2009 CAT & Related BSchools

Hi guys,
Now I know that I would be heading to Joka in this June, I want to know my fellow Pagals who are also headed there. Let us use this thread to discuss our future plan of action and invite our seniors to give us gyaan.
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You mean I dont get time for a 20 mins splash a day? :neutral:??:??::neutral::neutral:
Football's big on campus.
A related game is even bigger
More when you reach Joka...but for starters, there's a fully equipped gymnasium, tennis courts, basky court and introducing, for the first time ever, our latest offering to the ever demanding consumer, a new, and much improved (from t...
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Could any of the seniors apprise me of the sports activities at IIM C ? I really want to be involved in Cricket and Football throughout my college life...
some interesting observations :
and then :
and then :
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NCFM is a good deal, but as almost everyone has it on their CV, u can never tell how much of a difference it will make to your CV. But as it becomes a hygiene factor, its best to take it.
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One querry.
How about some core courses in NCFM in the first year, instead of the more time consuming CFA?
Is there any weightage given for NCFM in the summer placement?
Thanks in advance
Take it up with the other Joka_Puys and let me know....
refer to my last coupla posts...
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It took longer for the letters to reach us last year...hang in there...they're dispatched almost immediately after the result declaration...
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Hey guys
me thro
%tile 98.91
only one call
so the moral of story is %tiles don't matter that much
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It was me who was asking about the CFA course. Thanks for the gyan on that. I was suggested by someone that if u can do a CFA in parallel to MBA it would greatly add to ur profile
Hey convsi that would be really great of u. Please guide us what we can do to beefup our CVs which will be crucial...
Strangely enough, there is no speed post by my name in the post office. So the letter wont come today. Its the third day now. I am getting a tad tensed
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Hey!! has ne1 recvd the letter yet.... i wanna kno d joinin date n othr details...
gr8!!! whn n whr??
Have any of you (Esp those from Pune) received the official letter from Cal? The A guys have got theirs already. That would make things clearer regarding the joining dates and the prep courses..
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@Del junta...
Someone take the 'init' and plan a weekend meet...sooner rather than later...most of us are busy with our summers, so we can't plan the whole thing out...
And keep it at a central locn,yeah?
~be seeing y'all soon
P.S: official meet to happen soon...watch the space ...
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copy pasting from the thread I created in our orkut community
The Pune PG meet is on cards.
Date is almost decided - May 13th.
Just visit the thread for details and updates
We can make this an oppurtuni...
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This is one of those times where I go "Oops!" ??:
Thanks for pointing it out. The old thread has now been removed. Nobody is getting freebie points at PG (hint: Somebody needs to get paid at HQ for that to happen) hehe!
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After reading people's dillemma in choosing a B-school I am so glad that I got only one call ... and more importantly converted it ...
No such probs for me... Life cudnt have been more fun..
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Hey guys...
After FMS Vs XLRI dilemma, i was relieved of this situtation again.
Below are my results:
Rejects:B, MDI
So...i am joining IIM C..
My profile IIT graduate with 5 yrs in IT & Telecom
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You all will get to meet your batchies/ seniors in your respective cities soon enough...should happen anytime now...
This is just from my side...for the PG junta :)
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