GD-PI Call Getters 2012-14 - DMS, IIT Delhi CAT & Related BSchools


If a previous such thread exists, kindly close this thread.

Would really like to know the cutoff.

CAT Score: 98.41

10/12: 87.83/91.38
Graduation: 78.6

Work ex: 2 years

Not selected.

PS.: Uploading the file here also in case someone not able to open up the link because of traffic.
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Mine 97.10...not selected :banghead:
one of my friend got 98.7x ... he is also not on the list :wow:
P.S. - Arre bhai..delhi waalon ke liye quota rakh lete( pun intended!! )
No sectionals are not 90+
I have OA- 98.60
QA- 96.xx
VA-- 98.xx
10th - 92
12th - 87
B.E - 7.45
Overall cutoff is quite high I guess!
Bhai after seeing IIT B's cutoff anything mite be possible...ur acads are perfect & OA is very good...i think ur 2nd section %ile might have hampered ur chances....This is my personal view..
but that wouldn't have been a problem i guess.. they didnt ask for sectionals.. just the overall.. and even if they have, there might not be a sectional cutoff as high as 90.
Crack max bhai can u plz mention the sectionals u have....??????
got the much awaited call
not in at 97.61
not in at 98.73 ....:(
not in .... 96.14