[Free Ebook] GDPI Anthology - Over 500 pages of IIM GDPI experiences in one ebook CAT & Related BSchools

Dear all,
Given the awesome response from puys for the All I Wanted to Speak about CAT ebook, we asked ourselves, What other content on PG could collate into another awesome ebook that people would cherish to have?
The answer was obvious... all the GDPI experiences of top b-schools posted b...
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nigheshsingh please send me the book at nigheshsingh@live.com....... p.... 21 Jan.
Menk Please mail me the book at aries.megha27@gmail.com . 07 Mar.
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what r the que related to marketing ??

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    Please mail it to - tomar123vineet@gmail.com
    I am getting message "Your e-book is being prepared. You will receive an email........". But, i have not received any email after hours. Pls help.
    fanastic place to get ebooks on relevant and commonly needed situations e.g. interviews...!!
    Hey Apurv the book was really helpful thanks for al the effort taken in compiling the data
    Dear Apurva,
    the book is realy awesome brother and waiting for this kind of more book to read
    thanks brother one again
    gr8 contribution for all the aspiring candidates. thanks a ton :)
    hi Apruv,The link is non-functional for me. Tried all the browsers i had at my disposal. Please help!! Email ID would be hemantbharech@gmail.comThanks in advance.
    @Apurv - Hi Apurv...the ebook download link is broken.Please fix it asap.Thanks in Advance
    can i get it too?
    @Apurv --- Cant download the book...Getting the error 404 !! pls correct it...
    D link isnt working I guess..so could u plzz mail it to me..:)
    Please fix the broken link.
    @Kushwaha please also mail it to me.... plssssssssssssss
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    @Apurv The URL shows a 404 error.Please fix it.PaGaLGuY Books
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    @Kushwaha sorry for postin email id but i need dis book, so had to post buddy
    plz mail it to me too.. plzz anurag19906@gmail.com
    @awassa , @bbhivk don't post ur email id here. it's against PG rules puys.