Formula for converting CGPA to percentage CAT & Related BSchools

Most of the IIM forms are asking for formulas for converting CGPAs to percentages. So I thought it will be good to have a thread where people can post this formula for the various popular colleges in India and how to obtain authorization for the formula from the institute.

Can any body from IIT Madras tell me what is the formula for converting CGPA to percentage and doed the institute give any official document for this?
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see this page:-
:::Eligibility to Postgraduate programs, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi :::
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i am also interested to know
This thread seems to have got lost. So I am posting here to bring it up again. Someone from IIT Madras who have got calls from IIM - L, C or A, please let me know if you are getting any letter from the insti to explain how to convert CGPA s to year wise percentage marks. Also do we need to go t...