FMS Online Application for 2014 CAT & Related BSchools

Can anyone tell me how do we apply for FMS for 2014 admissions?
pakshaal what are the supporting documents to be sent with acknowl.... 09 Jan.
316karan Hi, I'm a foreign national but I have done my Xth, XIIth .... 28 Jan.
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Puys..I have filled the online form and while taking printout of acknowledgement form,..i noticed that my parents details (occupation & address) are not showing up..is anyone facing the same problem or only i screwed up..and even job responsibilities have vanished although it was less than 250 wo...
Tanu3 In my case also job responsibilities are not being displa.... 29 Dec '13.
xitizsharma faced d same problem.... 29 Dec '13.
I have filled the online form and have the "Print FMS Confirmation Page" on my login. When is the last date for taking the printout, with the details and sending that to fms. There are two dates mentioned on the website. 30th and 13th and the wording is a little confusing. :/
67_Shelby_Mustang That is how I interpreted the instructions. Anyways bette.... 29 Dec '13.
mohitmundhra07 @salil_pthk i think the last date for online application.... 30 Dec '13.
Hii guys..facing certain issues with the form..seniors plss help..
1. I had filled the job resp, but it is not showing in the final acknowledgement form.
2. Some puys hv mentioned that general category ppl hv to send an extra foto..where is dat mentioned???I hv already sent my form and disc...
minnutags job responsibility is not displayed in the final acknowle.... 29 Dec '13.
xitizsharma Even I described them in less than the stipulated word li.... 29 Dec '13.
Is it necessary to upload the thumb impression also.Can we upload only sign and photo and take print out and then put thumb impression there. I don't remember but was it the way one or two yr back..?
Plz reply ASAP.
vrana95 Yes it is important to upload your thumb impression . Jus.... 28 Dec '13.
According to FMS website- "You have to send the printed version of the Acknowledgement Form along with the appropriate documents, to The Administrative Officer, Faculty of management Studies, university of Delhi, Delhi-110007, on or before 31st December 2013. Acknowledge form should reach FMS lat...
salil_pthk @gngoud13 are you sure we can send the acknowledgement f.... 29 Dec '13.
pakshaal what are we suppose to send apart from acknowledgement form?. 09 Jan.
Hi All, I have applied for FMS this time and I am not clear that how FMS will select its candidates for GD and PI without the CAT results. The CAT result will be out only by Jan 2014, so after the results are published do we need to apply separately for GD an PI..? How & when will the FMS intimat...
chbala @vrana95 oh!! so they short list the candidates by thems.... 30 Dec '13.
MunmunSingh since cat result is out...dont i need to enter my marks s.... 15 Jan.
guys can anybody help me regarding the 150 words essay to be written in FMS application
vrana95 Why FMS --> Write about why the 2 year MBA program wi.... 28 Dec '13.
light01 thank you. 29 Dec '13.
can any one give me the clarity for time lines , i just need some one's assurance for the following points
1) We can apply online on or before 31st december 2013 that is upto the payment including signature photo thumb impression , personal information and 250 words job responsibility2)Af...
somapurshiva When in doubt, use Brute Force. Start the application pro.... 26 Dec '13.
Karbon Where was that Job responsibility thing... 250 Words??. 27 Dec '13.
Do we need to send the payment receipt form ?
viktor7 @S112 open their website - click on Admissions-fms.edu/?.... 26 Dec '13.
viktor7 on the left side you would see "Online Fee Deposit", clic.... 26 Dec '13.
hi. I am having trouble registering for FMS. I have created my profile now i can not find any link for payment gateway....i have emailed support@fmsadmissions14.com but they havent replied me back. Please reply if anyone knows any possible solution
Hi, I have a doubt.How many pages does the acknowledgment form come upto? 2 or 3? Im trying to print the form but the second page is coming completely empty and the third page is having the SOP n declaration details. My doubt is , am i missing anything in the second page,why is it coming empty?
prathameshrk but akram23 told me that its okay if I print in landscape.... 27 Dec '13.
gngoud13 Yes.you can do that as they(fms) didnt mention about no o.... 27 Dec '13.
Do we need to send any documents along with the acknowledgement form if we don't belong to any reserved category?
koolkaps3 @sam320 last date for sending esaay is 13th ri8?. 25 Dec '13.
gngoud13 @koolkaps3 yes.we need to complete online application by.... 25 Dec '13.
I'm getting there till Apply Now, which gives a screen full of instruction, now what? can't figure out where to go next, help anyone?
sam320 On the top right you have several tabs. 25 Dec '13.
Nipun008 @sam 320 thank you for the link. 25 Dec '13.
can any one tell me while giving details about Work experience what we have to write in Duration(No of months) is it current ?since they have asked the total work responsibility separately . please help
what does this means,"You have to send the printed version of the Acknowledgement Form along with the appropriate documents, to The Administrative Officer, Faculty of management Studies, university of Delhi, Delhi-110007, on or before 31st December 2013. Acknowledge form should reach FMS latest ...
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gngoud13 v need to write in the space provided (word limit 150) . 26 Dec '13.
darlingtonia thanks :) . 26 Dec '13.
What all has to be posted to FMS ? Is 31st the last date for posting also , or only for filling the online form?
For Graduation we get CGPA in our college. What should we enter in FMS Application CGPA or converted percentage???
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    hi puys, while filling in the work exp field , the Duration (in Months) field needs to filled according to what dates ?is it till december as we fill the form or july 2014 as mentioned below while filling out the total work exp ?
    xitizsharma @chbala the final form shows the work ex till july 2014.... 28 Dec '13.
    chbala @xitizsharmain such case I would only calculate the total.... 29 Dec '13.
    Please can anyone specify the required documents to be sent to fms ?
    nuon same query.. 23 Dec '13.
    Puys!!!I had applied for FMS just now- online (online payment).Do I have to still send some print-outs to FMS by post?
    If Yes, What are they??
    HARII Yes Do you belong to any Category? . 22 Dec '13.
    koolkaps3 @HARII Do we have to send the Essay by 31st December ?. 24 Dec '13.