DoMS IITM 2012-2014 GT/PI Shortlist Out! CAT & Related BSchools

Hi Puys
The GT/PI shortlist for MBA Admissions 2012-14 at DoMS, IIT Madras is OUT!
Find the shortlist info at:
DoMS GT/ PI Shortlist
Our congratulations to all the shortlisted candidates and we wish all the very best for your GT/PI.
Given below is the link for GT/PI experiences f...
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Congratulations to all those who converted the calls! :)

Please continue here http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/cat-and-related-discussion/81268-2012-14-doms-iitm-final.html

** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **
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Waitlist - 27
can anyone throw some light on waitlist movement last year.....what are my chances?
Waitlist - 27
can anyone throw some light on waitlist movement last year.....what are my chances?
please update the tracker
Rejected.. Was not expecting much because of average PI but a reject always hurt..
yup...will not be joining roorkee now in case i convert it
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Congrats to those who converted!!
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converted(NC-OBC) ...but not joining...wait list moves by one...Al the best puys...
Congratulations Mr/Ms. ARUN G (Cat Regn. No: sr7492088 !!
We have selected you for admission into our MBA Programme 2012-14 at IIT Madras. This offer of admission is provisional and subject to your fulfillment of admissions criteria and conditions that will be specified in our formal offer let...
Congrats !! did u applu for IIT R as well?
@ May I plz request all the candidates u have converted to update the sheet floated by castiel
ppl without work ex have a very grim chance!! only 8 out of 52 in the 2013 batch are freshers. got to know this during the gdpi. I hv abt 1yr workex as gud as a fresher!! ye 4 baje wale rumour ne mera bahot time kill kiya. iske badle mujhe convert chahiye!! i love iit-m coz of its fees
Rejected! Wasn't really expecting much after screwing up the interview! Congrats to those who converted!!
Please guys update the tracker...and congrats to those who converted
results out !!!
I am in yayyyyyy
Here is the link
MBA - 2012 - Results
ATB to you all...me toh f****d
Yesss..... M In...Yuppi
You are in our waitlist, which is expected to be operated in the last week of May 2012.
Your waiting list number : 35
General... wil dis make it to the final list ?
We regret that we are unable to offer you admission into our MBA programme.
This is no reflection on your academic credentials or accomplishments.
We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.
Wish you Good Luck
Admissions Co-ordin...