DoMS IIT Madras Admissions 2014 - 2016 CAT & Related BSchools

To all the 2014 MBA aspirants out there !
Hope your CAT went well ! While many of you are researching your way through various B-Schools to help you in making that ultimate choice, we at the Department of Management Studies ( DoMS ), IIT Madras, aim to make it a little easier for you all by ad...
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ansu0225 @renuchowdary ...lolz.... 6d.
renuchowdary @ansu0225 :) . 6d.
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More than 85 percentile in each section. overall - 89.98 ... 10th - 85, 12th - 80, graduation - 55.. commerce background, 30 months work ex, CA Intermediate cleared.. chances of call and conversion ?
OA:96.82 QA:99.47 & VA : 72.24 any chances for new IIM or IIT's cat: GEN 10th :79.8 12th:82.6 graduation : 87% 2year 6 month IT experience in cognizant
OA:96.82 QA:99.47 & VA : 72.24 any chances for new IIM or IIT's cat: GEN 10th :79.8 12th:82.6 graduation : 87% 2year 6 month IT experience in cognizant
What is the cut off and last date to apply?
CAT TOTAL 98.6 QA:99.62 VA 84.91 10th 92.0 12th 97.5 GRAD 66.0 GENERAL CATEGORY any chances of a call?
OA - 92.73QA - 89.8VA - 90.95
General Male Engineer
X-87% XII - 94%B.tech - 66.6% Work Exp 40 months. Good Work Profile and done 4 certifications in NCFM (Level 1 Completed) and 8 other certifications in Insurance and technical domain. Can I expect a call from IIT-M?
Hi puys, I gt 91.29 percentile with 86.2 in Xth and 84.8 in XIIth...Di i stand any chance of getting a call from DOMS IIt Madras?? Kindly reply @flauntingale
when is the last date to apply and criteria for non engineers?
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Hi Guys,The online application process is likely to start by 5th Jan. The same is updated in the DoMS IIT- Madras website : http://www.doms.iitm.ac.in/domsnew/.
Regards,Amal Siby MarianBatch of 2015DoMS Interface Team
salil_pthk thnx a lot! :) . 14 Jan.
salil_pthk @AmalSMarian would a score of 94.71 be viable. 99.1 in q.... 15 Jan.
Here's the link to the FB page of DoMS, IIT Madras Admissions :
when is the last date to apply?

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  • AmalSMarian The application for the batch of 2014-16 hasn't yet started. As of now the decision is to release the application forms in January by the time CAT results gets published. Last year the form was released around 9th Jan and the last date was around 28th Jan. We will communicate the exact dates once it is finalized.
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    Hi hmarjun,The cut off for our senior batch ie, the batch of 2014 was 85 percentile for OBC and for general it was 94 percentile. As of now we don't know about the cut-offs for the coming year. We will enquire in the admissions department and revert back.
    Regards,Amal Siby MarianBatch of 2015D...
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    flauntingale @hmarjun these are rough figueres, we had profile based .... 22 Nov '13.
    r15v2 Does IIT Madras consider sectionals? If yes, what was it .... 14 Jan.
    Hi Puys.What would be the CAT percentile for Non - Creamy OBC students to get a call ?? Curious
    To start with, these are the links to previous years discussions to help u get a better idea of how things work around here.
    Previous Years Admissions Related Queries Thread.http://pagalguy.com/forums/cat-and-related-bschools/doms-iit-madras-admissions-2013-2015-t-88433/
    GD PI Experiences:h...
    flauntingale The links : Final : www.doms.iitm.ac.in/domsnew/Placement.... 14 Nov '13.
    savvysatyam Thanks a lot. It really helps... :) . 15 Nov '13.