Difference between PGDM and MBA CAT & Related BSchools


Please tell me the difference between PGDM and MBA. Thanks and keep the candle burning ;)
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Closing the thread as it has become a very old thread and the person who had posted the original question might have been done with his MBA or err... PGDM
any clg which i attached with a university gives a MBA dergee.....which has all the curriculum and all designed by the university....
PGDM is a diploma given by a clg which is also approved by AICTE but all the course curriculum is designed by the clg itself without any university boundation.....
what about icfai gurgaon or infinity or jims rohini? which 1 would be the best option in all terms?
If PGDM of a particular institute is not recognised by AIU as equivalent to MBA then are we not eligible for further studies??
frns plz help me... :-(
i want to knw if the MBA degree obtained frm SIOM under Symbiosis International University is recognised by the government of India or not?
Wit tht degree wil i b eligible to apply to the jobs in government organisations?
Plz let me knw as soon as possible coz i...
PGDM is post graduate diploma in management
MBA is master of business administration
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hi Quadeer,
it is very helpful of you to post stuff,but,please look at the date of the post you are replying to before posting.the person might have already completely completed his MBA/PGDBM
mods,please close the thread.
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hi friend i have been searching on enternet for the same question i learnt many things from others and the reading.
1.mba is a degree and can be given to you by a university
2.auniversity is the institude made by the central and the stste act
3.some could be deemed university
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Dunno if I am right. As far as i believe, MBA is awarded by government controlled universities and institutions. Whereas, PGDM is awarded by institutions controlled privately or by a non government body.
Academically, they both are same n there is not much difference between them. Hope this cl...
Whats in a Name?
And this eternal truism applies to names of individuals, the companies they work for, their friends, the brands they use,...and yes even the names of the instis and business education programs!
Frankly, placements are one of the parameters to assess an insti. Thought they a...
there is no differnce, it is only nomanclature,harvard/whaton people r not so fool that they even know the differece between PGDBM& MBA ,they know it very well, ofcousre i hope u know the diff between rai university & wharton since both r offering MBA degree!!!!
The biggest advantage of having a PGDM from an IIM (which is a diploma course) is that you can apply to US Bschools (Harvard, Wharton, Columbia, Berkeley etc) after finishing the course and getting some workex...a lot of good bschools in the US consider the PGDM as a great background for entering...
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there is really a difference between PGDBM and MBA.
1. MBA is a degree course, while
PGDBM is a diploma course.
2. MBA degree is provided by only those institutes that are affiliated to any university.
Eg . JBIMS and FMS, PUMBA. These B-schools are university depts of thei...
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Dude.. AFAIK its the insti which matters the most nt whether its PGDM PGDBM or whtever... as long as its a top B school its fair enuf... n i guess u get an MBA degree only frm universities the rest of the stand alone B schools offer a PG diploma only.. but they r recognised n widely accepted by a...