What are the current fees for prep coaching classes? CAT & Related BSchools

Aloha peoples,
I just wanted to check what the current fees are for coaching classes across the nation.
Can you please post the following:
1) Course
2) Prep company
3) Location
4) Fees
This would help me to see the trends and also help fellow students find the right coaching...
4 4
IMS full course - 23500
full test series -3500
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Totalgadha :: 1000/- : online course ALL india
TestFunda: Test series : 50/- each test. [ I had subscribed for this sesson ]
TIME Bangalore - 21990/- for classroom coaching
Adding to what Shashank has put up
Byju's Classes
Location: Bangalore , Mumbai, Chennai etc
Fee: 15,000 for Quant+ DI
20,000 for the entire course
Test funda
(Online course ware)
Fee : Varies between 6500-7000
Test Series - 2950
1 1
1)TIME full time course 23,500 Rs Mumbai
2)IMS correspondence 8100 Rs All India
3)Career Launcher-Test Series-2500 All India
4)Career Launcher-Test Series+Online Lectures=3500 All India
Will put in more if I get it