CAT'07 For "WORKING JUNTA" CAT & Related BSchools

hi everybody,
This thread is dedicated to all "working junta" whose left side
of brain is occupied by office work and right side is pre-occupied
by Quants,Vocab and Reasoning ability and more importantly
the fear for cracking CAT.
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hi ankit,
first of all, i think it was really a very good effort from ur side this year... the only advice is u shud go for 2008 without any doubts... reason being... u have it in u to atleast get a call from the IIMs... so shud give it a try... and min u.... never take it for granted and the ...
Hi Puys,
Me a n00b on PG.:.
I am currently working in a leading IT company (work ex of 19 months as on March 31st,0
I gave CAT this year and got a score of 97.4%ile(QA-96.35%, DI-98.34, V-62.02).
And for this I put an effort of 1 week.
I filled forms for just 3 colleges - IMT(Ghaz...
Thanks a lot for your suggestion,
Now i m bit clear in my mind how to procede.
This is great how people who did it are helping others in the way
Hope to see more thoughts
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As my personal exp
newspaper's editorial: daily
divide the material dont just do quants or di.. mix the subjects
i used to do english daily for an hr or so and then either quant or di
my study hours were
9-12.30 daily..n more in weekends
MOCK CATs ..enrolled to atleast and max t...
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Hi all,
I am working from 9: 6 and trying to put my consistent efforts for CAT 2008,
Can any one please share his/her experiances regarding how to follow a plan.
Like i have planned to do self study instead of coaching.
Then i am bit confused that how i should procede
like : what ...
Hey ashish at this %ile not many decent collees will call you, i think you ahould fill welingkar,if you are desperate , my take prepare hard and try again ,because at this amount of work ex , only tier 1 instis can give you value for it.
AT this %ile you can expect call from U...
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Hey guys.. Pls help me.. My score in CAT 07 was
temme what all institutes shud i be expecting a call from. I have applied to MDI, UBS, TAPMI, IMT, NIRMA and XIME. Also, i wanted to know when are we expected to get our CAT report cards?
Hey Guys, Please Help me
My Scores of CAT are:
OA: 81.74
qa:20.68 :sad:
I am a Soft. Engg and have a work ex of 3.2 years, average acads but gud extra curricular(some very diversified field), please suggest me some decent college.I just want to do this year o...
hai if i were in ur position my priority list will go like this
Great Lakes > IMT > IMI > Somaiya > BIM > TAPMI
prepare well with technical n work related questions for Great lakes n try n crack... my heartiest wish was to get an admit in greatlakes n was confident of getting a call atleas...
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Hi Xtran, Sony007
Thanks for your immediate reply ...
I really dont think , i can be able to get into cream of the institutes.
I m really getting worried .... will I be able to do MBA (Not considering GMAT & executive) if i miss the chance this year ....
yeah Great Lakes & IMT are th...
hai MBA_asp,
me too working and left company(one of the biggest IT services) as well as onsite opportunity and joined one in my hometown to follow the great Indian Dream for a MBA:)
CAT 2007 was my 2nd & a serious attempt, scored 90.55...was looking forward to GLIM but didnt receive a call....
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Sorry Double post!!
Sticky situation eh!!!
Well... I would have been in the same situation, but personally, I might take up the on-site opportunity if its not for the cream of the institutes.
It just boils down to your ambition. You said you were expecting 92 but got 98.... If you think you can improve on it(...
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Hi all,
Life is not easy ... sometimes it makes u frustrate when one doest see any opportunities ...... it was the same case with me till December 2007 .... Suddenly it poured different opportunities in my hand ..... & asked me to Choose one .... its really making me more confused ... so thoug...
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Frnd I dont want to depress you but I gave cat 06 wthout preparation. and got 90.6 percentile just butI thought to prepare again . joined CL prepared again got 91.49 percentile only dont know what to do. Both years problem was there with verbal last year 0 mark this year 1. If you get a solution ...
Could anyone please tell me that what will be the approx cut-off for SIBM Pune & SCMHRD this year ???
hey puys...count me too in this thread. Hope u guys startd preps seriously.
Wish u al the very best n hv a nice yr ahead
Stay n Touch buddiez
first of all , cat is not the toughest exam .
and for more info on preparation go through the below mentioned thread
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Hi Sk this is krishna... me too preparing to bell CAT 2008
There is dedicated thread for CAT '08 and some PGites gave some nice suggestions (tonic to ur weakness ... :)) do check the linc...
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