CAT 2013 (Wednesday, 6th November 2013 - Day 16) Exam Experiences CAT & Related BSchools

To assure that the thread is put to the best use, please post your CAT 2013 experience in the following format :CAT Center, Date and Slot:1) How many attempts you have made?2) Your last mock score?If you are there at repository thread, please provide the link here.3) How was your experience of th...
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rr1990 well, two things .. First of all the initiative and struc.... 07 Nov '13.
gijoe I copied this from the previous posts. Your second reaso.... 07 Nov '13.
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Hi Guys, please please reply to this :I gave CAT on 6 Nov,morning slot. My attempts are as follows :Sec 1 : 18 - around 15 correctSec 2 : 23 - around 18-19 correctHow much percentile can I get.
brat94 at a raw score of 95.. u can definitely expect to be on t.... 10 Nov '13.
How much percentile would QA 12A 10C (not sure about 2), VA 19A 16+C fetch? 7th november slot 1 exam. Please do respond!
brat94 Buddy u better post this in the 7th Nov thread :D . 10 Nov '13.
6th Nov morning slot :-
QA 12 C 3W VA 15C 3W... What can be my expected percentile??What is the possible percentile if raw score is near about 70-80??
brat94 80-85%ile at the most i guess buddy!! ATB!!. 10 Nov '13.
6th nov mor : qa - 19 -17c va- 19 - 14c % expected???????????/
6th November afternoon slot
QA: 15 with not more than 3 wrong answers
LA: 13 with lr sure shots of 8 answers and dont know the accuracy of other questions..
can anybody guess my percentile?
i heard that afternoon slot was bit tough
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    6th nov 3.15 slot QA- 14(13c) VA-22(80-85 accuracy) i belong to nc-obc which b-schools i could get?
    I appeared for my CAT exam from Kolkata on 6th Nov 3.15 slot and the paper was exceedingly tough.Attempted 10-11 in 1st part and 22 in 2nd part.70% accuracy.What sort of percentile should I accept?(Last CL Proc Mock 86 score,89 percentile.)
    ASN99 6th nov 3.15 slot QA- 14(13c) VA-22(80-85 accuracy) i bel.... 08 Nov '13.
    shaunak91 All the top B-schools if that many are correct. . 09 Nov '13.
    6th november Morning Slot Plz suggest my percentile QA:13 attempts wid 7-9 correctverbal:19 attempts with14+ correct
    arpan.m @bigsandy QA: 9C 4W: 80-85Verbal: 37 marks : 85+Overall .... 08 Nov '13.
    nik230891 thank you @bigsandy & @arpan.m . 09 Nov '13.
    guys,every one saying ki nov 6 ka eveng slot tough tha,normalisation hogana ,and if 8 0ut of 9 in qa,10 out o 11 correct,expected percentile,pls suggest na
    theWHs pls guys suggest some idea,. 09 Nov '13.
    CAT Center, Date and Slot: CAT NOV 6(morning session)
    QA/DI - attempted 22 ( pretty good accuracy- 90%) Left 1 DI on GamesVA/LR - attempted 17 (may be 2-3 wrong) LR was hit 9 on 9; 4Q in RC, and rest in verbalWhat percentile can I expect?Inputs please..
    1) How many attempts you have made? ...
    brat94 Assuming Quant/DI score as 58 and VA/LR score as 43.. upw.... 13 Nov '13.
    CAT Center, Date and Slot:Rcm Bhubaneswar,6 nov,10 am1) How many attempts you have made?QA-DI:17 OR 18,VA-LR:182) Your last mock score?Simcat x:82.43 percentile,Aimcat 03:84 percentile it was way 1 month before cat i guess.3) How was your experience of the test?Awesome ,kept all suggestion all do...
    brat94 With a raw score of of 90-95 u can expect around 95%ile (.... 10 Nov '13.
    CAT Center, Date and Slot: Idreamz (Bangalore), 06/11/2013, 3:15 PM1) How many attempts you have made? 1st section:- 16 (max. 1 will be wrong) 2nd section:- 23 (2-3 wrong). Solved all questions of LR, 8 questions from RC and 6 other questions.2) Your last mock score? ...
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    jitndr no. 20 Nov '13.
    grillbears yes I hv it. 24 Nov '13.
    CAT CENTER,DATE and SLOT : RIET,Trivandrum,Kerala(nov 6,10.00 am slot)ATTEMPTS : SECTION 1-15 attempts...13 right and 2 wrong(while driving back after exam i realized that i had made a silly mistake in DI which cost me 2 ...
    15 in sec1 and 22 in sec298 in 2011 cat
    all the tough Qs were there in my quant paper.. also multiple sets of paper in my slot
    I think i got a wrong LR question in the 3:15 pm slot.. it was the one having networks and channels..the data point number 4 ran into the second line and was shown ...
    Mahesh1769 Absolutely. The data wasnt sufficient i guess. But one of.... 08 Nov '13.
    ajinyasrk even i solved the question.....it dindnt require any more.... 10 Nov '13.
    CAT Center, Date and Slot: Orafact, hyd, nov6th, 10 AM 1) How many attempts you have made? This s my first attempt of cat. So forgot to count.. i believe I attempted around 40 in both sections together. Can't say the accuracy for the reasons mentioned in the below answers. 2) Your last mock sc...
    kpkumar3 @brat94 late 80's or early 90's? is that good enuf to ge.... 11 Nov '13.
    brat94 i m not well versed in these matters.. but i would sugges.... 11 Nov '13.
    say 90-92 percentile in CAT , I work as PO(15m exp) in State Bank of Mysore, would it be wise to take say TAPMI etc colleges that i might get? or will it be wise to continue in my present job and try next time? wat is the cut off for IMI ? is it worth it? give me suggestions.. i had no much ...
    Nov 6, Morning Slot. 1) How many attempts you have made? QA/DI -20 (85-90% accuracy), VA/LR-28 (90% accuracy, my forte) 2) Your last mock score? Cl proc mock 9- 99.46, Aimcat 1401- 94.86 3) How was your experience of the test? Panic Stricken!! I panicked big time during Sec 1. Stared blankly at t...
    amarjit1986 Hopefully you can breach that mark you have set...I am q.... 07 Nov '13.
    brat94 ATB to you too bud!! :D . 07 Nov '13.
    Check out this awsome article to know the viewpoint of an IIM Professor about MBA :
    6th november, Morning Slot ! QA- 14 attempted ( 3 wrong) and VA- 25 attempted (2-3 wrong) how much %ile can i expect. This was my First CAT attempt ! no clue !
    edwardboltan quant sec percentile will be a concern....only fill those.... 07 Nov '13.
    im_manan can u suggest some ?. 07 Nov '13.
    I had the 3:15PM, Nov 6 slot.
    Contrary to other days, today the quant was ridiculously tough. Un-frolicking-fair (sic).
    Section I: 20 attempted (1 definitely wrong, 2 intuitive flukes). There was also this one DI question which I am very sure did not have the correct option. Marked and left...
    RDN yes, that is why i believe that before doing an mba, it m.... 09 Nov '13.
    Abhi_2013 Haha,but that too max 2-3 years. Not more. Or else they w.... 09 Nov '13.