CAT 2013 (Wednesday, 6th November 2013 - Day 16) Exam Experiences CAT & Related BSchools

To assure that the thread is put to the best use, please post your CAT 2013 experience in the following format :CAT Center, Date and Slot:1) How many attempts you have made?2) Your last mock score?If you are there at repository thread, please provide the link here.3) How was your experience of th...
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rr1990 well, two things .. First of all the initiative and struc.... 07 Nov '13.
gijoe I copied this from the previous posts. Your second reaso.... 07 Nov '13.
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cat centre: titiksha public school, rohiniQADI and VALR- 16 attempts each( atleast 14 correct in both)how much can i expect?
Prometric walo kabhi to evening slot me easy paper do
Test Site - EPC Avalahalli..
Time - 3:15 PM
Attempt Q+DI=15 (90% accuracy ) & VA+LR=17 (80 %) no guesses...
Last Simcat -88
RC were too lengthy..around 6-7 Passages..
QA&DI; did not surprise only RC was the complex one.
For NC-OBC Category can i get a call from any iim ?
10 &...
CAT Center, Date and Slot:St.Francis,Mumbai1) How many attempts you have made?QA 13-14 ,VA-21Very Tough Quant .Have not faced such questions in MOCK. Is 13 attempts in section 1 enough to get an IIM Call?
ajinyasrk @Ary007 can u plz confirm if it was wrong....i got the.... 10 Nov '13.
Ary007 @ajinyasrk Cant confirm.Just hope for the best . 12 Nov '13.
Anybody from 10am slot...
Anybody from 10am slot...
Was the CAT this much absurd last year also? I mean questions getting leaked, high difference of difficult levels in different slots, construction works going on sites near to centers....If it the first time that so much chaos is happening in such an important exam , I guess it might get cance...
clxlfms ab rone ka koi matlab nahi banta jab last year ek bande n.... 06 Nov '13.
pagl123 @clxlfms dude take the initiative! people who are willin.... 07 Nov '13.
Center, Date and Slot: Parshvanath College ,Thane 1) How many attempts you have made? Sec 1 : 18 (14 C , 4 options elimination :P)---- Sec 2 : 23 (LR 9/9 , RC 3/3 , Rest almost all correct )2) Your last mock score? NA3) How was your experience of the test? Smooth4) What was the surprise eleme...
CAT Center, Date and Slot: Koramangala, Bangalore 3:15 slot 1) How many attempts you have made?QA/DI-15,VA/LR- 172) Your last mock score? Doesnt matter for this year's cat.If you are there at repository thread, please provide the link here.3) How was your experience of the test? smooth, the cente...
Has anyone ny idea if the normalization is done on per day basis or on per slot basis??
Very tough quant section today 6th Nov 3:15 slot..
Maar li bhai billi ne..
kumarvivek87 Seriously no idea.. Ab normalization ke hawale hm saathiy.... 06 Nov '13.
jaituteja On average how many attempts were there for this slot?. 08 Nov '13.
CAT Center, Date and Slot:allzeem,bangalore 6th nov, 3.15pm1) How many attempts you have made?QA 18 95% accuracy...VA 17 90%accuracy...
2) Your last mock score?Doesn't Matter now....If you are there at repository thr...
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bigsandy @dark-phoenix Dude. I subscribe to this school of thoug.... 07 Nov '13.
bigsandy Anyway, I had come across a passage yday and was highly d.... 07 Nov '13.
I hope they do Normalization as promised by them !! At least November 6 Afternoon people at most of the centers will be wishing for the same !
MissionMBA2014 Kaaal hi diwali khata hui, to fatake fode woh lag ne, hum.... 06 Nov '13.
is it only me or others also found today's quant paper of second slot very tough? Could attempt 13 only. 2 DIs left. VA/LR was better in comparison. 25 attempts. Looks really tough this year. One more year for me it seems
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billimaaro bhai sahi main billi apne bhayanak roop main thi . 06 Nov '13.
nordickumar one DI venn diagram question was damn irritating! . 06 Nov '13.
Did anyone get a DI set where GDP and Life Expectancy was given along with population ? Data was given in Weird Circles on X-Y plane. I have never seen such kind of graphs in my life . Could somebody tell me what are they called so that I could google it ?
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theWHs but pehla question iska tough tha na if b poulation doubl.... 08 Nov '13.
jaiswalicsi @theWHs suppose two quantities are in the ratio a:b in 2.... 08 Nov '13.
CAT Center, Date and Slot: Sinhgad Business School , Pune, 6th Nov, 03;15 PM 1) How many attempts you have made?QA: 22 & VA: 18+-12) Your last mock score? Not taken If you are there at repository thread, please provide the link here.3) How was your experience of the test?Nice4) What was the surp...
guys just one question .....if we dont remeber the question number which had error then in that case what shud be done?? how to go aboutit???
dhavalvasani One question in QA-DI seemed wrong to me. Thus, I didn't .... 07 Nov '13.

CAT Center, Date and Slot:

L J Institute of Management Studies, Ahmedabad, 6th Nov, 10:00 AM

1) How many attempts you have made?

QA: 22 & VA: 24

2) Your last mock score? 97+

If you are there at repository thread, please provide the link here.

3) How was your experience of the test?


4) What was the surprise element for you?

Well, after reading few of the reviews i was well prepared for a tough paper but it was easy actually too easy.

5) Any tips to handle the computer based exam better?

No specific tips.

6) Your overall analysis of the exam. Toughness, new topics, sections etc.

LR were complete sitters, i was able to solve 1 LR within 2 minutes( believe me). DI was easy. 1 DI required some calculation. 2nd DI easy, solved it in mind. 3rd was a mixed one. QA was easy to moderate. Around 4-5 sitters. No PnC and No Probability. Lots of Geometry. Left 2 Geometry questions . RC's were tough, all those philosophical s**t. PJ's and PC's were doable. 1 PJ and PC was tough. 3 FIB's and 2 Word usage. No Grammar.

7) Any other query or something you would like to share. Well, don't think too much about the exam. Be calm and cool. Sleep well the night before exam.

Any post on this thread, not following the format OR any post trying to mislead will be deleted.

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    CAT Center SMG Group Rajajinagar Bangalore Date - 6th Nov 2013 Attempts - Quant-15 VA -23 Easy Paper....Messed up quants big time....Could have easily got past 20....
    I could attempt only 9 in QA and 14 in VALR. Atleast 7 and 10 are correct, can you pls advice expected percentile
    bigsandy 80. 06 Nov '13.
    1) How many attempts you have made?QA-15 with 12+ correct and VA-26 with 21+ correct2) Your last mock score?Generally got 90-95%le in ProcMocksIf you are there at repository thread, please provide the link here.3) How was your experience of the test?Easier than expected4) What was the surprise el...
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    vivekpg @realslimshady wat u mean they dont give marks?.... 06 Nov '13.
    realslimshady @vivekpg Like you can see, i've asked the same question .... 06 Nov '13.