[cat 2011] time aimtest /aimcats CAT & Related BSchools

Hi guys,
As you may know , AIMTEST window closes today [ Feb 18 - Feb 20 ] , so many of you must have taken test by now , Post your performance & start discussing regarding first AIMTEST here . [smiley]
Let the CAT 2011 journey begin [smiley]
[ @ mods - starting thread as I c...
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Hey I needed a little help from anytime student.. Could anyone please forward me the gd-pi briefcase they might have mailed you?
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    Sorry for barging in,
    I wanted to know the level of the MC/CRTs with respect to AIMCATs and the actual CAT.
    Will start solving them soon based on your advice.
    Have posted the query on the other thread also
    I took MC101212 and 11 and 10
    I write AIMCATS too and generally am in 93-96%ile region, with a couple of toppers list.
    Feel the MCs cutoffs are ridiculously high.
    100+ cutoffs for 1 call is just too high
    On an unrelated note, Great performance!
    Gave MC101207
    QADI-- 25/2--> 73
    VALR-- 19/9--> 48
    Has this thread gone dead??Nobody giving thse MCs and CRTs??
    Hello All,
    Can anyone tell me-from where can I get the TIME AIMCATS -soft copies since the test series is already over and it does not make sense now to pay 3150 for the remaining mocks?
    I made the same mistake. This question ate up my 8 minutes, finally solved it though:wow:
    thanks vipin ,
    actually i was taking S speed= 1.5(6)=9m/sec
    instead of S speed= 6+ 1.5(6)=15m/sec.
    Divya Speed= 50/10= 5m/sec
    i can't Remember the Distance... i guess 300m so
    Time taken by D=300/5=60Sec
    Time Taken by S=50sec
    S speed=300/50=6m/sec
    Next Race
    D speed= 2(5)= 10 m/sec
    S speed= 6+ 1.5(6)=15m/sec
    Headstart of 150m
    Relative speed of D & S= 5m/sec
    Time tak...
    The missed Aimcats would be available on your students home page from the month of September
    hi friends,
    i got 42 in qa/di and 43 in va..
    Did anyone solve the prblm Related to divya and soumya in a race, did u people get the answer for same.,. If yes how!
    Gave my first AIMCAT (1212) {The free one} n it ws a complete disaster
    OA score 48 :-(
    C -23
    Now m planning to register for AIMCATs ..Which one shud I go for enhanced or basic ??
    I am new joinee at TIME test series...how do i access the missed aimcats on my homepage ?
    Stupid Pondicherry's T.I.M.E centre will inaugurate on 18th august.:shocked: Can't give the free mocckcat today.
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    Gave MC1205
    VA 10/9=21(Seriously,Help?)
    QA 11/4=29(Hoped a better accuracy)
    LRDI 15/4=41(was easy)
    OA 91/180..Really expected to score more.
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    Venue and time for aimcat 1117 in hyderabad ?
    3 MCs and 2 CRTs
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    There is a mix of them. If you refer to the attached schedule
    Tests marked as Non-INV OL are Online taken from home
    INV OL you have to be at the center to take
    pdf file
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    thanks lucky_ali .
    One more thing : Are all the tests proctored / invigilated at TIME centres (or are they take home)?
    1. The test window usually extends to 8 days for invigilated online AIMCATs and five days for non-invigilated ones.
    2.three. You can now enroll for 1216 onwards.
    4. I'll rate them very slightly above CAT level. QA,DI is awesome. LR, the best and contrary to what people say, VA is a...
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