[CAT 2011 Official Helpline] By IIM Kozhikode students - What to do at the 11th hour CAT & Related BSchools

Hello people,
PaGaLGuY.com's Official CAT 2011 Helpline is back, Powered by students of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kozhikode.
On this thread, you can ask solutions to your last-minute doubts, anxieties and questions about CAT 2011 and they will be answered by a multitude of s...
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CAT is over and so is the season of this thread. Thanks to everyone, especially the IIMK student community for supporting this initiative year after year. We will hopefully be back with this again next year.

All the best to everyone for the CAT results and the remaining tests. Closing this thread for now.
I come in peace. Take me to your leader. http://www.twitter.com/apurv
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I called up Cat help line
Reply was " Nothing can be done,now, October 4th was the last date !!"
Once again silly me
I don't think so... Just take an example of fill in the blank options for English... If a person knows the correct one just by quickly reading through the sentence.. It can be very much done before 10 seconds...
Call up the CAT helpline and they should be able to help.
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Hi ,
My query is not related to 11 th hr prep...
But cldnot find relavant thread ,, so posting it here,
Due to some conversion confusion i hv put 73 % instead of 79% in my grad score
Now the Cat interface doesnot allow me to change anything .. Please let me know if anything I can Do...
hii urvashi,
46 questions with 85% is very strong attempt and will fetch you good percentile.
Try to increase the grad perc atleast to the 60% bar.
anybody who is giving an exam at IBSAR, Belapur mumbai ??
please let me know what are the transport facilities from be,apur station to the center ?? also, is there any parking facility in case one takes his car ?
Hey guys,
I took my test on 14th nov.
I had attempted 17 in sec 1, out of which i found that 3 were wrong already !
Hoping that the rest 14 are correct.
I have attempted 21 in Sec 2.
my past acad record:
10th 82% cbse
12th 92% Tamil nadu stateboard
BE (Mech) 76%
I would suggest you to talk to CAT authorities on how to correct your mistake.
I have just realised that i have made a bad mistake that could cost me big time.In the IIM CAT application form I have entered my marks as under "Delhi" board,when actually I hail from ICSE.The editing window is long closed.Should i brace myself now for an application rejection?so disappoi...
There's a lot of learning involved in the process and unless you're a part of the system, you won't understand where such money is being spent. IIMs are not as highly subsidised as IITs are, hence the fees are higher in case of the former.
Many top managers are not MBAs, you can also become o...
Individual colleges take a call on the admission criteria depending on how the past criteria have fared w.r.to their expectations. So it's better not to speculate on one's chances. Keep your fingers crossed
Ever heard of the words "Marketing" and "Growth"???
only one doubt ,whats the rational behind spending 10 -15 lakh to do MBA from IIM kozikode or for that matter form any iim . with tha much amount i can start my own business and be an enterpreneur. These iim are only cheating the middle class of their hard earned money to run their business shops
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iv attempted arnd 20-21 questns in both the sections with accuracy of arnd 85-90 %....
is it good enough???? id be happy evn if i get a call frm a single IIM
does that seem possible with this attempt???
puys this is one of the best pg threads.plz try to keep it alive.why haven't the posts got any replies yet?
hey m urvashi.....i am done with my cat
i attempted arund 46 questions with 85% accuracy..
89% in 12th
75% in 10th
m still persuing my graduation m in b.com 3rd year....a fresher n my average upto nw is 58% do i hv a chance of getng into sm gud b school especially IIM's???????????????
hi puys,
i have problem in va section esp in usage(sentence correction) section... my comprehension scores are moderate, i fare well in parajmbles and paragraph completion... due to this my mock scores in va tend to be arnd 90% wat shud i do to boost them so i can touch high 90's..
Arnab sir i know that this is not the right thread for this kind of post but i want to say that u have been a great help to me and other fellow puys during my prep days and this thread rocks(with due respect to other threads).Also being a fellow kolkatan (off topic) i just want ur opinion on whet...
50 is a very good attempt..infact excellent attempt...... u really cant guess the no of attempts required or corrects to get a 90% le in a paper/section.....depends on the difficulty of the paper also....n many other factors which prometric knows and we only speculate...
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