CAT 2008 Aspirants CAT & Related BSchools

I know this thread to many of you seems to be weird when the CAT 2007 is round the corner. I am working in IT industry for last three years in Bangalore. But kind of not comfortable with the whole technical stuff though I have done a lot of it.
I am planning to make management as an career no...
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hi puys,
as the current season is over, please continue here...

other related threads will be opened soon... :)
best of luck...
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there is a book from oswaal publishers having CAT papers from 1993 onwards...nice resource..other publishers are also available...also coaching centres provide past papers (atleast CL did)
Thanks a lot for your reply.
Where I can able to get the Previous years papers of CAT?
Hey puys... All the best for tomorrow. Go,give it your best shot and I am sure you puys will rock as always..
Just do not take tension of any kind. Even if you are not getting the answers of few initial attempts, do not loose ur calm..this is the key to crack CAT.Just sit back...take few deep ...
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Hello Puys...All the Best to everyone!!:rockon:
Good luck Everyone
Smack the test into submission folks.....And don't forget for a second, it still remains just a test.... Have fun !
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Best of Luck for D/C Day!!!!!!!
Tame the feline with love ..........
The will to conquer is the first condition of victory!!!!!!!!
Wish all of the Aspirants,Good Luck!!!!!
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so finally the day has come..many of u wld b nervous but it happens with all the exams isn't it!.. I have seen mostly ppl perform better in final exam. so chillax tomm is ur day ..go n blast the damn CAT!
something from movie 300 :)
"Persian: A thousand nations of the Persian empire descend...
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all right friends
the day you have all been working very hard for is here....
go and rock the world
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After such a good readings on this thread I just want to wish the luck for all the CAT aspirants by sharing a SMS i got.
In life we always have two choices;
1. BaghLo- Run away
2. Bagh Lo- Participate
The choice is yours!!!!!!
Best of luck to all the aspirants! Rock on, make yourself proud and if you don't, then still there is lot to achieve in life!
But be fearless. That's the key to give the best you have got!
From our part, we have come up with 2 exciting things to make the day helpful and add bit of fun for ...
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Finally the day has come
The day after which,one thing is for sure
Our lives will not be the same
We will be responsible individuals making it big in our respective journeys bit in the common field of business
All the efforts which we have given for the past 12 months would be put to ...
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best of luck 2 all CAT aspirants
phew...I am not writing CAT 2008 but it almost feels as if I am..With the MBA test season official kickoff happening tomorrow I would urge you to completely focus on the task at hand while writing the test and not worry about the outcome so as to give your best.
chak de
Something I wrote during CAT 2006 season:
Life Extends Beyond Software Coolies: CAT Fundaes
Time to seal the deal is here and its tomo...go n rock guys...ATB...
best of luck to all the puys we all gona make it there where we ever wanted to. everyone give your best once again best of luck
I wish all the CAT 2008 Aspirants "All the BEST". I wish all our dreams to get into good MBA college will come true.
Some important points :
1) All those who have not received the Admit cards get them tommorow and please note the timing at which it will issued. I have noticed there are diff...
Hi All,
I would like to share one of my lifetime experiences. I was taking SSB interviews at Air Force Selection Board, Varanasi. There were many tests in those 7 days. One of which was Individual Task. It consists of some physical tasks like long jump, high jump, monkey crawling etc. The last...
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wish u all the CAT 2008 aspirants Best of Luck...
go and crack the paper.. give ur best and the rest would be history..
now dont think about the past mocks, previous percentiles etc..
jst go with an open mind in the examination hall and do not panic...
all the best