CAT 2007 Discussions: The Overall Picture CAT & Related BSchools

Please make use of this thread for discussing the CAT 2007 paper as a whole.. i.e. the overall picture..
A relevant poll for the scores shall be put up when the answer keys of at least 3 to 4 leading institutes (preferably, TIME, IMS and CL/CF) are known.. I would sincerely request u all to vo...
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Guys now that CAT is over & the selection process has started, this thread is closed
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I am having 54% in my XII th Std, will it in any way affect my eligeblity in any institution?Please help me, i am unable to decide anything & am very apprehencive now.Please help yaar...
ya its true whether a cat is conducted online or not but it should be error free.i got mine cat scorecard 2 days back..
mine story cat:-97.12%ile
double post...
its speed post buddy
don't worry
they have sent it pretty late
mine was posted on the 31st
Be it the present method or online, we jst want an error free ppr.
It is not official that CAT will go online....
Rest all is speculation..
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It will take some time dost.
Considering the no of people who give CAT,its going to be around 2.5 Lac or more this year.
Such vast infrastructure will take time to get operational .
In how much time do you guys think will CAT go the GMAT way? Online and Computer adaptive?
My hunch is 2 yrs time
in how much time do you guys think will CAT become like GMAT? Online and computer adaptive? My hunch is sooner or later it will.
they r sending it by speed post..
I didnt get mah cat scorecard till now.
People who have got it ....can you please let me know whether they are posting it by regular post or speed post/courier ?
i got the scorecard today in the mail
hi!!i got it a week ago..u shd be gettin it soon..dont wry..........
I got my score card today by speed post.so dont worry. u might also receive within two days or so.
The score cards have started arriving since last week.
heard the same from guys in Mumbai,Delhi, Chandigarh as well...
When are they going to mail us the CAT 2007 scorecards? Please let me know if anyone has an idea?
hey,why did d discusions stop?????
The following site has been updated now...........all "suprise call getters" from iimb can confirm it here in this link.......
Call for 2008
mine has been updated..........
what a pleasant suprise it is........that too after so many days........
b,l,i,k calls now...........
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thanx for ur reply.