How to calculate percentile score? CAT & Related BSchools

Hi friends,
I am relatively new to this management and cat discussion.Can anyone tell me how to calculate the percentile score?
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6 years old thread...most of them would have complted their MBAs..thread locked
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MOST OF you who wrote CAT2004 would, by now, have checked your scores from the Internet. However, the score card gives you only percentage and percentile scores and you must be very eager to know how you can calculate the actual marks you scored in CAT2004.
Here is a method to calculate yo...
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To make things more difficult........there also seems to be a premium placed on accuracy. I think for the same scores (net after deducting 1/3) people with higher accuracy some how managed to get higher percentiles.
Lyndon Perriera (sp ?) had something to say on this somewhere on this forum. H...
99.995+ would be rounded off to 100%le. That's something like the top 7 people.
Agreed the percentile is the number of test takers behind you in performance, then theoretically there can be no 100%ile. But, in this years CAT there were at least 5 people with a perfect hundred percentile. How Come? Please Clarify.
Percentile gives an indication of ur standing as a percentage of the total number of students taking the test.
For instance, consider a test taken by 100 students and u stood 5th. Percentile is the number (percentage) of students who scored less than u. Ur percentile in this case would therefo...
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Percentile score (out of 100) is the percentage of people who have scored less than you in the exam.
Say, if 200 ppl have written an exam and u'v got 99 percentile, that means there are 198 people who have scored less marks than you.
No point in opening a new thread for this.