BIM Trichy 2008 GD/PI Experiences CAT & Related BSchools

hi Puys...
as the GD/PI session for BIM Trichy is starting, all Puys r requested to share their profile and GD/PI xperiences on this thread...
ATB [smiley]
I attended the PI last year and they didn't ask me any tech questions..and I converted the call as well.
But before I went I did hear that they will ask you very basic stuffs. Do brush up on your basics and prepare well. All the best!
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]Can u plz tell me what "basic tech questions" did they ask to u?C'mon friend I m a frsher and from ENGINEERING(electrical). background...plz tell me about the questions they asked to u.....
Hi Aarthi
This is indeed strange, esp since you were not in the 1st wait list at all....maybe they are trying to improve the sex ratio..!!
Anyways congrats and welcome you aboard on this joy ride for 2 years....all of us are active on another thread called " BIM Trichy: Final Results"....le...
I had got a phone call on 27th May, from BIM office asking me if I'm still intrested in joining BIM, though i was not in the waitlist. Could some of you seniors plz update me on what is really happening??
When I called them once again to check if it was a really intended call, citing m...
Hey all BIMmites ..... here is a call for info on Laptop deals
Now, here's a link that I cud find on PG for the same
As my mate Pradeep here rightly cited it out to be confusing, I would li...
Hi Kitchu
Any info on the bull laptops deal ???
Congratulations to all who have made it !!!
Welcome aboard !!!
This batch would be the 25th batch of BIM and would henceforth be known as BIM25. Before the formal induction of every batch we create a yahoo group. The naming convention is BIMXX@yahoogroups.com, where XX denotes the batch num...
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Hey puys plz direct your posts to the following thread
We just have to wait for the admission letters, willdo...till then party n enjoy the result..!!
Hi Seniors,
The result says that i have been kept in the waiting list....... What are the chances of this getting into the selection list........
All the best for those who have been Selected
Hi all,
i am there too.. No further info on what has to be done next. Any insider information??
All the very best for those who have not checked and congrats for those on-board.
Meet u all there!!
iam in too
all the best for the others who havent checked yet....
catch u guys soon in the campus.....
hi willdo,
results are out...
check it out in the website...
al the best :new_rainbow:
Hi all,
so any updates on the results date?
ya, i too heard of it...but i'm sure itz gettin shifted within trichy... heard itz goin to b a campus of Hi-Fi nature...
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the bim.edu site is not working....does it strike a chord?
Hi Puys..
I just heard from a guy, ( frm tamil nadu state ) during the somaiya interview that the BIM campus shall be shifted soon...maybe frm 2009..i.e our 2nd year..( assuming we get admitted to BIM ..!!)
Is this true ?? If yes, what are the reasons behind it..?? Are we moving to a bigger...
well..I was referring to the BC and reserved categories too....yes...open list closed at 95 percentile..!!
Seniors pls help us in knowing the exact date of the release of results...me getting more tensed ever day...
God waiting sucks big time.....
Now that we have a lot of friends online, when r the results likely to come up and in general how many waitlist candidates slide in?