Best material for CAT prep CAT & Related BSchools

This pole is a follow up question to the previous pole. Kindly give us (CAT 2003'ers) your opinion.
Hi PUYS...

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well......i dont think this poll will be of much use coz only those who have had experience with all the materials will be able to give an unbiased opinion......BTW....whatever i've heard abt PT is that its very good.
PS: I voted for IMS...coz i've joined there......hehe...
Anyone can give feedback abt PT?.
Here i see only Ims ,time ,CL,Cf.
hows PT?.i found the material good!
planning to buy it!
i am surprised that no one has voted for the others.i took ams classes in lucknow of arun sharma and found it the best.he is really a master of di and quants.
Vaise, it doesn't make a difference what the material is...
Papers make a greater difference in performance. And a criteria while choosing which paper to give is the number of students across the country giving it.
I wud suggest, chuck 'da material, except for solving difficulties in certai...
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I would like to know whether the CAT Archive papers (1990 to 200X) included in the Carrer Forum (CF) materials are the real CAT papers or just Mock CATs with the pattern of CAT papers from 1990 to 200X.
Thanks and regards
Find the full article here:
IMS Their study material is quite extensive and the English material recommended. Their FCTs (10) given two months before the main CAT are good to solve and q...
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Hi all,
Well, I don't know how far it's true, but I have heard IMS maths is good and for english wither CL material or T.I.M.E material is good. Dont know about DI.
i guess solving a lot of mock cat papers will do..a senior of mine never reffered to ne course material,jus kept solving papers and made it to an IIM.
could vary from person to person...other than course materials of the coaching institutes are there ne books specifically for algebra,number sy...
Please also consult guys studying CL , CF notes .I did not use them so cant say anything about them .
So if I want to go for correspondence course, Shall I opt for Time? ( since I have IMS notes) ?? :::
Yes I fully agree ... I found Time full length test (esp. the All India Mock) to be of great value and ims is definetly good ...As far as reading material is concerned there are overlaps , which is expected but Time goes a step further by explaining the points which were mentioned in the IMS mate...
The top guys around here have taken up both IMS and CF as well. As for me, I preferred CL's books. Concise and upto the point.
i've been thru cf,time and ims material and my personal opinion is that ims is pretty good followed by time especially the full length papers.so b4 u join do chk out with a few more guys around here..
I posted the poll to take the opinion of the students of various coaching classes, coz sometimes you meet students who warn you against joining the classes which they had joined. But I think you are correct as no ons has polled.
The trouble with such a poll is that someone needs to have gone through all the material of different institutes, else it will remain biased. Take look at previous threads and you'll notice that the majority of the people here are from IMS, CF, TIME & CL.