Best B-Schools in Bangalore CAT & Related BSchools

I've heard that the following are the best B-Schools in Bangalore :
1. Alliance Business Academy
2. IIM-B
3. Christ
4. Xavier Institute Of Management
5. Indian Institute Of Science
6. Xavier Institute Of Management & Entrepreneurship

Then what about the overall performance of these institutions :

1. Institute Of Business Management & Research (IBMR)
2. MATS School Of Business
3. Indian Business Academy
4. Institute Of Technology & Management (ITM)
5. St. Joseph's College Of Commerce
6. Acharya Institute Of Management & Sciences
7. Institute Of Finance & International Management
8. Kristu Jayanti College Of Management & Technology
9. Garden City College
10. PES Institute Of Management

I've heard that these are having above average placement & infrastructure. Is that true ? And is there any institutions in these list which are not even worth applying ?
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Also while asking about Bschools do ensure you do not clutter your post with multiple questions which are unrelated. If you have questions about specific Bschools use the http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/search.php option to locate the right thread ( be rest assured there would be definitely a threa...
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Please post proceed here (considering that they are MAT institutes)
pls tell us more abt IBA and ITM. are they worth applying ?
How is the placement of PES Institute Of Management ?
Is there any other better B-Schools in Bangalore which take students based on the MAT score ?
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I would not rate ABA, Bangalore to be in the top ten of Bangalore..
The one in green are decent.. that is if you are looking at MAT affliated colleges.. these are decent... worth applying to...
Also if you appeared for Dec - MAT consider MS Ramyiah and also MP Birla
Hope that helps..
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