Amrita 2010-2012 admissions CAT & Related BSchools

Hi,puys I am opening this thread for all the AMRITA BUSINESS SCHOOL aspirants this year..AMRITA has announced its admissions for this year..Check out the advertisement here:
Amrita School of Business
Puys who will be applying to this institute plzz post ur queries & questions here,so that w...
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Can u let us know on the laptops they provide??
The speciality of the program is the Dual Degree Jointly offered by Amrita University and State University of New York (SUNY) Buffalo (USA) .There are 2 Managment Programs offered here. MBA-MS & Executive MBA-MS as well
Regarding MS, Buffalo Faculties will be flying down to our campus ...
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congrats to all who made into amrita and my best wishes ...
will pay the fee on 10thmay,@ kovai....
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Hey dude .. Can yu give some details on the MS-MBA program( like campus life food etc) and the placement prospects on doin the MS from SUNY @ bangalore campus
Hi..Congrats to all who have made 2 ASB(4 Campuses) :-)
All the Best.......
@maxpowersin-->Great Job man...Hope ur SIP is going great
Hi, Got selected for Cbe campus.
The university it self is deemed and is approved for the AICTE and UGC the various campuses come under this university so i think they are automatically approved.
Just my piece of information from going through previous years' thread..
SOURCE : http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/cat-and-relat...
Plz Reply...Seniors
Hey ppl,
They charge 40k for the laptop... i was in an assumption tht since they do a bulk bokin, actual price can go low and get the good branded laptop for cheaper price... tel me if i was wrong.. and tell soon... and wat if we pay for teh laptop in the fee and before comin to the college we...
nice one..:D:D:D
Is the Kochi branch of amrita AICTE approved?????
Plz reply soon...
Which laptop they are providing???i mean brand....can u mention the configuration
Buy your own laptop. It was a very horrible laptop last year which the college gave. No idea about this year
As for the proof of possession give them the box of laptop. If you don't want to give the box then give some thermocol which comes inside the box
hi puys got admitted in coimbatore campus ..cant wait to meet u guys..i got the confirmation by post yesterday..i wanted to confirm something they mentioned in the letter that if you have a laptop u neednot buy one but you have to provide a proof of posession on date of joining..wat is this proof...
hai friends, we have opened an orkut community for all who are planning to join in amrita(any of the four campus).so pls join and lets keep in touch with others orkut -
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This message feels like you are ordering me to do something and I should be scared if I don't tell it.
I personally find the good to be average. Majority of people find it average. Few people like it. Few people hate it. Depends from person to person. The question is trivial I feel..
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Nice reply... he he... well yea let me also join all u ppl in this thread as i too head for amrita cbe campus in a while...
well ghosts roam aroun guy's hostel?? he he... lets roam together!!!:drinking: hopin to get seniors assistance for intro with them
I kind of loved the food there .. Typical south indian Dishes like Upma,Pongal ,Dosas, Thali meals with chapathis and "i dont know what,but tasty" curries .. u got a big menu actually for each meal of the day... i dont think food will be much of a problem!
Cheers To all who made it to ASB
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I studied in Amrita school of engineering .The food will be pretty decent enough to eat ...Dont worry...even many north indians are studying there
hey seniors...pls tell abt u hostel N food....y r u nt tellin abt it ???