Amrita:2008-2010 CAT & Related BSchools

Any queries regarding Amrita School Of Business?Feel free to shoot your questions..........................................
hey Slamdunk
Green channel is the proposed new admission procedure for the work.ex guys, i believe you can skip certain normal admission procedure in that..
plz do contact the office to know more coz im also not very sure...
And Bangalore... it is starting from this yr, it will be good i...
"You can try through green channel"... I didn't get that part??
Btw, how is the ASB in Bangalore?? Is it worth doing MBA there?
I my self not very sure of other campuses since they are operating from only this year. However I think you have a fair chance in atleast Kochi and Amritapuri campuses.
Ashish Makharia
MBA second year
Amrita School of Business
I believe since you have a software services work experience so you can try through green channel for which its better you contact our admissions chair (whose e mail or contact number is available at Amrita School of Business - Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore)
As far as I remember last...
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Hai Seniors,
I saw Amritha Ads in News paper today..
i got 62.25 % in CAT 2008...I know i wont get any chance for coimbatore campus..How about other campus..kochi..bangalore..what is the percentile accepted to get into these campuses..?
Please reply asap..last date to apply is getting cl...
Cat score: 76.5 percentile
B.E:68.34 %
Exec Mba(LIBA):5.25/9
1.5 years of Workex in a Software Company
2 months- doing business with dad
Extra curricular: Decent
Any chances?? Even if its touch n go im ready to apply. But if i am way behind th...
Hi meenu...
As ashish said.. cutoff of would be at that range.. hope you will get good %tile...
Abt the summers, we got into almost every industry in companies like TCS, TATA Steel, Philips, CavinKare, IDBI Glits, UBS and on n on n on....
This yr CavinKare is about to come for the 2008 b...
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Meenu nice to hear from you. My name is Ashish, 2nd year student at Amrita School of Business. Congrats for the offers.
Coming to your queries, I believe this year the minimum percentile cut - off level for a call by Amrita must be anywhere between 75 - 80. I dont know how sure u r about the ...
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first i like to introduce myself
I m meenu ... had done my btech in Polymer science n rubber tech 4m CUSAT (2004-2008..)...m placed in Appolo tyres n CTS ,,
69 marks
26 - quant
17- DI
26- enq
expecting percentile bt 71-83 :sad:
10th - 85
11th- 85
hi can u pls tell me the percentile cat score to get a call frm amrita bangalore..?
pls do help me...
Sorry for late reply
the college has execllent facilities
U hav a well stocked library,a fully equipped Gym
there is a huge playground for cricket and football
there are seperate courts for other ganmes like basketball,volleyball
there is also a synthetic tennis court
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Bharath as u have seen the college from close quarters whats ur take on the college and facilities in general. what about the laundry facilities in hostel?
Food is good.Better than most college hostels.But u will have only vegetarian food.Non-veg is prohibited inside the campus
Oh thats the way it goes.... what about the mess???? Is the food ok??
No.The engineering students have seperate hostels
Some students will be accomodated in MBA hostel due to space constarints
Do the engineering students and the post graduation students have the same hostels???
Hi Puys,
I graduated 2 yrs back from Amrita School of Engineering(which is in the same campus as Amrita School of Business)
I was put up in PG hostel in final year(where u all will be put up)
So if u hav any queries about hostel facilities ,I will be happy to help u out
Thanks Max for the information.
Just copying the text from the 04 Apr e-paper Economics Times:
ASB student gets Rs 9 lakh offer for MBA placement
THE PLACEMENT season for the 120-strong 2008 batch of Amrita School of Business (ASB) here ended on a high note with top companies like...
Hi PUYS, For those interested in ASB here is something interesting: :: The Times of India ePaper :: Go to this link and halp urself with 4th April's Economic Times, Chennai Edition (Page7)
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