AIMCAT 1316:Discussion Thread CAT & Related BSchools

AIMCAT 1316 has started....
Use this page to share and discuss your mock scores and any question related query....
It will be an invigilated online test held from 24th June to 1st July 2012.
Best of luck, guys! [smiley] [smiley]
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B I U Post
Nope I guess. BYJU's mocks are different. AIMCATs are what TIME offers.
Ahaa finally Results out
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the results are out now!!!!!
Overall-83%ile......;)...Same as 1317..
ab kya post karun, kuch post karne layak score to hain nahi
OA 93.4
QA 96.1
VA 77.6
Need to gear up in English
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is AIMCAT the same mockcat offered by BYJU classes...m a newbie plz help?
AIR : 2 it is for me :shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked:
AIR 4 in Sec I : 99.98 %ile
AIR 3 in Sec II : 99.98 %ile
Overall : 99.99 %ile
I guess they haven't uploaded the results of all of them. 136 cannot get me an AIR of 2.
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the results are out now !
Now it is. Scores are out folks.
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Omkar Bhai....Results were out or what ??
The link from the drop down is taken away as I can see.
hello every1......m comfortable wid session1 and lr(which i prepared till nw) but my prob is speed even though i know 25-28 questions i m able 2 attempt only 18-20 in quant wid accuracy around 80-85 % ........wht should i do 2 get the speed plz help me!!!!!!!
The overall cutoff for one IIM call is 81?
The paper wasn't that tough. :sneaky:
They may change those numbers I guess, because right now they sound quite implausible.
Guys!! I can see only the sectional cutoffs - Sec-1 -> 29 & Sec-2 -> 34.
What does that mean??? Are they still uploading?
How silly of time people having discussion on the paper ....Even when result havent been uploaded
Cut offs are uploaded
Section 1: 29
Section 2: 34
I don't understand what's taking so long..
Work on your Accuracy first. Don't go for more of attempts. Try once attempting only 15-18 questions in each section and see what accuracy you have. Check on that in one Mock and then analyze it. You will get to know where you commit mistakes.
Please dont spread rumors like INDIA TV :/
Can anyone provide me with Mock papers of TIME and CL of LAST YEAR in the pdf format ??
OR provide with any links to these papers ??
Need it urgently.
can anyone of you email me the question paper?
i am dying to take the exam. i can PM.
It is okay mate..
I'm sorry PUYS .......... After jus watching 1316 in the result drop-down, I posted "results-declared"
Sorry to create fuss PUYS !!
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