AIMCAT 1315:Discussion Thread CAT & Related BSchools

We have AIMCAT 1315 starting up tomorrow
Use this thread to discuss all about 1315 (Scores , Attempts)
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Results are out:)
Cleared both the cut-off's for the first time this season..
OA: 96.72 (73)
QA: 95.32 (39)
VA: 93.59 (31)
Long way to go...
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Results out Made it to the toppers list once again with 98.8%
QA 95.32VA 99.31OA 99.14
QA 95.32VA 99.31OA 99.14
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Results out guys!!!
QA 99VA 99OA 99.66
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Yes there is a way but of no use. I tried they do not upload the solutions or the question paper before they upload the results.
Like we modify the links to answer tests from home. Is there any way to view the solutions in advance?
If someone gives the test in the beginning of the test window, it's a long wait for the solutions. Analyzing the paper that late can sometimes be a tedious process since one does not remember...
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screwd dis mock.... worst after ims open simcat...
Oa:- 75 (40 + 35)
too many silly mistakes in sec 1... which is not acceptable at this stage...
SEC1 19c/2w - 52
SEC2 12c/10w -28
OA 31c/12w -80
Hope to improve my score in the next mock
solutions are not out yet ...plz read the previous page before posting ..estallar bhai has told that the soln will be out by monday between 4 and 5 .
somebody plz upload the pdf version of the AIM CAT
can any1 plz upload the questions of 1315??....... thanx in advance
Hi I scored 46 in this aimcat.dunno hw much can i improve in the coming days.feeling the heat now as cat is nearing.
a siily Q but stil wanna ask:
Hw many days left for cat now?.need to plan out some routine now
Thanks a lot bro
Kal hi aana chaiye as today's a Sunday and usually Sunday's ko result nahi nikaalte TIME waale. I guess it will be out between 4-5 PM tomorrow.
Missed AIMCATs will be added to your account by Mid of August only.
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Does anyone of you know when will this aimcat be available again? I missed it..
Result kab aeyega aj ya kal???
QA/DI : 11c 7 w = 26 :banghead:
LR/VA : 17c 7 w = 44 :lookround:
OA : 28c 14w = 70 :splat:
Really need to improve my speed in order to be able to attempt more number of questions in both sections (apart from my accuracy of course).
Any guess on the possible cut-offs puys?
sure buddy!! u can get into any b school u want. Most of the people attemptin cat this year wUDNT HAVE STARTED SERIOUS PREP MUCH BEFORE U. so, its about the quality of prep and not quantity of time u're left with. u must have read this line "believe u can, n u'll ". i no many of ma seniors, who m...
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As far as I remember, the last slot was 11 pm on all days except the last day of the window, where it was 7 pm I suppose.
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