AIMCAT 1314 (Pls do not open if you have not taken the test) CAT & Related BSchools

AIMCAT 1314 is an invigilated test starting from 8 July and ending on 15 July.
Please carry on with your scores and discussions here.
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Just attempted 1314(had missed out due to some ofc work )
QA 23A 18C 5W - 49
VA 23A 17C 6W - 45
OA 46A 35C 11W-94

Hardest mock of the season(havn't given 1301)
QA was difficult(not one question was a sitter)
LR was out of this world...i took 42 min to solve 3 sets and was left with 28 min for VA in which i attempted all grammar/vocab questions and 1 RC( 4 questions wala- attempted 3)
so it tested my patience as i have never taken more than 25 min in LR section...!!!

Can anyone tell me what %ile would these scores have gotten ?
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    @edgy here odd multiples of 25 are 25,75 and 125 [correct me if i am wrong] , wouldnt they be covered in odd multiples of 5 ??@Dipika1234 said: Manoj multiplied all the odd numbers for 1 to 150 and all even numbers from 151 to 175.Find the number of zeroes at the end of this product.Number of 5s ...
    @VijayRawat very well said! I've ben going through the same! These aimcats never fail to demoralize me! But who cares!
    @[549423:ashish1909] Please send me the aimcat papers1318,1316 and 1314 guys..Just started preparing for cat 2012...Tension has gripped my nerves! E Mail: pravatnanda@yahoo.com
    Can someone mail me the PDFs of this Exam Please?
    @[267494:priyaghosh] : please give me your mail id.. I will fwd you !
    someone please mail me the pdf of 1314..it will be very helpful
    check your inbox.
    please send me the aimcat ques papers 1318,1316and 1314 ........will be very thankfull to you ....my mail id is ash_sharma45@yahoo.com
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    @[346223:yesarpit] PM me also my mail id is mpsgrover@gmail.com
    :- Plz forward it to me as well.. Its jaiswal.bit@gmail.com.Thanks in advance
    PM me your email id
    PM me your email id
    Can someone send em the PDFs of this mock?thanks in advance :)Inbox me I'll message you my email ID!.thanks in Advance :)
    Saw this forum and registered straightaway. Sharing my scores Sec 1 - 11 attempted, 0 wrong - 33 marks
    Sec 2 - 18 attempted, 5 wrong - 34 marksOA - 77 Thinking out of the box and answering difficult questions in the specified time just doesn't happen to me. So thought of sticking to the bas...
    thanks mate
    inderjit bajwa
    @[576046:inder19] dont worry.......just try to perform well in the the topics u've covered....
    Ur full name?
    @[444791:singhmanpreet] *mood
    @[580317:pro15] thanks bud finally the modd has set in .!!
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