Does any one know about the prospects of ABM at IIM a and IIML?I heard that starting salries are to the tune of 30k minimum...Can Pg or others shed more light on their selection criteria,,like what they ask in interviews?cut off percentiles?ettc?Any more additional info is welcome
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well rakesh
can u shed some light about the no .of B.sc agri grads there?ie freshers with no work ex.i heard that most guys there are M.sc Agri grads..do they have any special preference?Also plz enquire to the B.Sc agri guys about the type of qs asked at interview?ie whether technical stuff ...
at ur service dude....
have so much spare time... wonder why they say life at A is very tuff
feel free 2 post any queries u may have.
that was sure a lot of info about ABM ..Thank u so much for ur quick enquiries and reply..
first the clarifications. i think people with non agri background can also apply, but the dice is heavily loaded in the favour of people with agri degrees. in the last batch there were some students with science backgrounds like zoology, botany etc, but none in this batch. so i guess ther...
Do get us the first hand info reg cut off percentiles,,interview ie whether stress interview etc,I think agri students with good cat percentiles stand more chances of getting in.basically,i would like to know how many freshers are there in the present batch.Also Rakes...
From whatever I could infer from the eligibility criteria of the IIMA...the ABM is open even for non agri-background students who have a master's degree and work experience in related fields like RD et al...is that correct?
: And if they study much the similar courses..and with optional cou...
PG is right. the IIM A ABM Programme is almost equivalent to a PGP Programme. the ABM students have to go thru all the rigors that a PGP student has to face and it is only in the second year that their coursees r different. The first year courses are exactly the same as PGP. in fact the cl...
You need an undergrad degree in Agriculture or related subjects. Techincally IIMA's ABM program is ALMOST equal to a PGP program, or so I have heard. But this question is best answered by the IIMA junta on the forum.
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