Adani Institute of Infrastructure Management 2011-12 CAT & Related BSchools

I'm interested in applying for this college, but still it would be great if someone can tell me more about this college? how are the placements etc...
I have 5.5 years of experience in IT. Will it be a good move to switch to Infrastructure at this juncture? Any of ex-AIIMians here with ...
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Best of luck to those who would be appearing the interviews tommorrow (26.02.2011) at Delhi.....
right now m working in IT-health industry,what other things i can do along with this to make my profile more bright ??
Do u have idea of other infrastructure colleges?
Hi meaningless,
I don't think the academics will be that big a criteria provided you back them up with a very good CAT/GMAT score. Apart from this you can highlight your work profile and extra curricular to compensate for your weakness in academics.
Hello Urchin,
yeah . . i know age is biggest issue with me but wht abt my past acades,do u think i will be able to crack with this poor acades ?
OR do u know any other infrastructure management college?
@Meghap.......sorry for late reply...we are having our term break so waz a bit lazy to visit the site.....anywayz...any1 can drop me mail for any clarifications / enquiries at jammed_4u@yahoo.com
will give my mobile number there if asked for. ATB to all.
@arun :: completely agree with you.
well really word limit of 150 is too less. but i guess we need to stick to it.
What about words limit on questions?
I find it difficult to present answers to both the questions in given words limit.
@ tata2000
At this point u dont need to bother about the seats, if the institute dosent find a good student it will not admit and if it finds one it will admit, the seats are fixed as max 30 but if they find good 20 students they will fill only 20 seats and leave the rest they will not fill th...
the career objective is not at all tricky. In fact it is expected that you know what you want to do after an MBA is short term and long term. Also since applicants here are not freshers but ppl with substantial work ex they are expected to know it better.
As far as whether it is dis...
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Hi guys,
This career objective thing seems tricky. Almost everyone has a career objective which is similar and decorated with words like growth, knowledge, progress of the oganisation etc.... whats the point of asking it?
Is it discussed during the interview??
25 is not a fixed number. they intend to take something in that range. for instance during my interview on 13th, Dr. Dholakia told me that they intend to take 30 for this batch.
Also the USP of this program is exclusivity and small batch. So if they take for instance 150 students...
Yaar only 25 seats for 3rd batch?
and out of those 02 seats would be filled by participants who deferred there admission last year...so that means only 23 seats left?
Hey guys, did anyone of you appear for interview yesterday in Bangalore?????? Please update if possible....
Dear All,
I was an admit of last year but differed it to this yr will join in july'11.
if any kind of help req from me u can pm me...
well unlike last yr this yr u have many seniors to guide and help u...so use all the max to resolve ur doubts and get help.
Hi Gaurav,
Bhai kaisa hai ???
pm me ur mobile no. or msg me will call u, i m in regular touch with kamesh....have asked many a times abt u dear......
will meet u in july....
@ Jammed4u
Can i have ur mobile number and mail id thru private message..as i am a prospective student AIIM, Ahmedabad.
Thanx akshatswm
i had my interview on 13 th feb , 2:00 pm but it got delayed by 2 hrs or so .Be prepared for that in advance ,there were three people lets say left ,Mr Dholakia , and right,following questions were asked by the panel
Mr. dholakia: Since when you are working?
Have y...
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Hi IsbLbs,
I guess there were around 25 guys there on 13th.