[2014-2016] IIT Kanpur MBA Admission Queries and Information CAT & Related BSchools

Hello all, Greetings from IME Department, IIT Kanpur. Hope your CAT exam was good and all the best for the results. This thread is for all the information you need for the IIT Kanpur MBA Programme, which runs under the guidance of IME Department. We will be here to guide you for entire admission ...
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prmbaIITK @nehapande the admissions department would accept the ap.... 07 Feb.
nehapande thank you for prompt response @prmbaIITK !!. 07 Feb.
@prmbaIITK DO we have the choice of selecting the interview centre other than IIT Kanpur?
prmbaIITK @dharani_90 interview dates might clash, i can understan.... 16 Jan.
dharani_90 Ya thanks :-) . 16 Jan.
hai my cgpa is 6.6 bt according to my univarsit percentage conversion i hav 61 percentage only... am i eligible???
prmbaIITK @gokulmp Aggregate of 65% is required. I'll cross check .... 16 Jan.
gokulmp it also says cpi of 6.5 or 65percentage... i got 6.6...ca.... 17 Jan.
CAT 2013: QA- 77.73 , VA- 89.16
OA- 86.52
Xth std - 87%
XII std - 84%
Doing 5-yr int M.Sc. in Statistics ( in last year, so far 70%) General Category.
Should I apply? Is there any chance? Please reply..
prmbaIITK @Subhankar9 as you'd be aware by now, that last year's G.... 16 Jan.
Does Summer Internship count as work ex... ??!!
prmbaIITK @dasmax No, the work ex will be counted after you comple.... 16 Jan.
dasmax ok. thnx @prmbaIITK . 18 Jan.
what is the last date for application?non engineering students accepted?
prmbaIITK @nath87 what help you need? I have replied to your quer.... 16 Jan.
nath87 yea.. thanks. 16 Jan.
Hi ! Cat OA: 94.25, Quant: 70.77, VA: 98.88, 10th: 95, 12th: 86.6, Btech(IT): 8.54, no work ex, general male ... should i apply??!! Any chances ..?? Are there sectional cut-offs?? pls reply
prmbaIITK @dasmax as you'd be aware that last year's cutoff for GE.... 16 Jan.
dasmax thnx @prmbaIITK . 16 Jan.
from where do we get college codes which we have to fill while filling up the forms
prmbaIITK @vipulthapa91 There is an option provided, "Help" where .... 16 Jan.
from where do we get the college codes which are given there on website while filling up the forms
Cat 89.3 10/12/Grad - 87/78/58 General Fresher
Any chances of a call?????
prmbaIITK @Prateek37 I'm sorry but you need at least 65% aggregate.... 16 Jan.
Hi all
need suggestion.....
10th - 72.8%...
12th - 74.8%...
BE - 68.1%(aggregate 60%)...
Work Ex - 30 months....
cat..QA -84.28% ....
VA - 84.1%...
OA - 86.52%...
is there ny chance of getting call?should i fill the form??
prmbaIITK @giri1989 aggregate of 65% or above is required. Sorry, .... 16 Jan.
giri1989 thnx @prmbaIITK ..... . 16 Jan.
Looking forward to interactions on various topics for GD as well asPI questions.Good Luck.Participation is encouraged.
pantheonsuave Why is it being flagged?Any issues?. 16 Jan.
prmbaIITK @pantheonsuave our code of conduct doesn't allow us to p.... 16 Jan.
Hi I have OA-97.35 QA-93.62 VA-97.36 X-85.4 XII-77.8 Grad(BE):60.00% on degree(but agg is 58) Cat:NC-OBC any chance of a call...pls reply.
prmbaIITK @M--D I'm sorry but you need at least 65% aggregate in y.... 16 Jan.
CAT OA 86.09 QA 92.32 VA 69.93 10th 85.33 12th 87.8 grad(till now) 78.8 Is there any chances for any IIT's?
prmbaIITK @sreechandana Last year the cutoff was 95.2 for General .... 16 Jan.
CAT OA : 85.2 % , QA : 84 n VA : 81 . work exp : 36 mnths , Engg - 78 %, +2 - 91 % , 10th - 90 %. Category - NC OBC .chances to get call? plz advise
prmbaIITK @chataravind Last year the cutoff was 85 for OBC candid.... 16 Jan.
chataravind @prmbaIITK thanks ..! anyhow i gave a shot already. . 16 Jan.
Hi I have an OA percentile of 96.03 (QA-89.8 & VA-96.54) 10th and 12th I have 80+% and in B.tech I have 60percent. I have 2 years of work ex. Is there any chances of expecting the call and converting it...please help
prmbaIITK @prtkj the weightages are not clear as such. But all tho.... 16 Jan.
prtkj thanks... :) . 16 Jan.
CAT OA:-93.56, VA:78.79, QA: 97 NC-OBCwhat is my chances....
ANAMIKA1310 @prmbaIITK when is the GD-PI shortlist coming out? tenta.... 16 Jan.
prmbaIITK @ANAMIKA1310 Announcement of Shortlisted Candidates for .... 16 Jan.
OP 88.56 quant 87.27 verbal 84.91 X/XII/Grad 89/91/80 NC-OBC any chances, Pls comment link to apply for it...tq
prmbaIITK Link for online application: www.iitk.ac.in/ime/MBA_IITK/.... 15 Jan.
sakaray tq... @prmbaIITK . 15 Jan.
Hi,My cat 2013 result is as follows:OA 91.29, QA 94.3, VA 79.59Class X - 82.6(ICSE) %Class XII - 85.25(ISC) %BTech - 80.00%Work ex - Currently possessing 28 months of work expDo i hv ne chance of getting a call? Can I apply?
prmbaIITK @arneshmajumdar Yes, you are elligible to apply. Last ye.... 15 Jan.


I got an overall percentile of 95.68 in CAT. QA:87.xx and VA&LR:97.xx

10th: 84.3 and 12th: 85.8

Btech - 6.9 CGPA

Work experience - 1.5 years

Can I expect a call?

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  • prmbaIITK

    Last year the cutoff was 95.2 for General candidates, while the final cutoffs for this year can't be predicted as of now and will depend on the number of applications we receive. The academics and work ex will play a role only after you're shortlisted. Wish you Good luck for the admission process !

    oa 91.29 va 95.06 qa 78.86 ...3yrs work ex.....am i eligible??
    prmbaIITK Last year the cutoff was 95.2 for General candidates, whi.... 15 Jan.