[2013-2015] SPJIMR Final Converts and related discussions CAT & Related BSchools

Hmmm….Its joked that the average time spent by an aspirant on FB/PG during March/April waiting for the results sacrificing productive work or studies probably costs us a percentage or two of our GDP. About spamming the less said its better. Our very own SPJIMR threads had more than 3500 likes and...
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when i login into spjain site to enter my cat scores.......... its displaying message as "Your name does not appear in the profile based shortlist. We will release the score based shortlist after your CAT / XAT scores are out. Keep checking." and no where a column is present to enter my cat score...
which scores were considered for SPJIMR calls?
My interview was good.I group: questions pertaining to work-ex and introduction about self were asked.II group: questions about personals and values were asked.Be calm and answer crisply.
Hi.. I B.E graduate with 3.5 years full time and 2 years part time work-ex. I have scored decent grades in the past but only a 660 for my GMAT. I have applied for the SP JAIN PGPM course and really wish to qualify for the same. Can you please tell me my odds for qualifying? I am yet to receive my...
Hi guys just saw online that the last date for the application to SPJIMR was 31st July. For which course exactly is this last date? Does anybody know?
DeeBee1 @akshay324 that was for the PGPM course. Admissions for.... 19 Aug '13.
akshay324 Ohh fine.. Thanks...Do u know any thread where we can fin.... 19 Aug '13.
Hello everyonewas just looking at the "placement report" of SPJAIN and then compared it to its real report [IPRS].there seems to be a huge gap btwn d two. eg1] 2012 avg salary claimed was - 15.4 lpa while actual salary was 13.95 lpa 2]"International placements"were claimed to have avg salary of 3...
Ok guysPerhaps one of the final posts here. We have finalised the list for the batch of 2013-2015. The course starts on Mon, June 10,2013.Really enjoyed the time spent over here since the past one year. Congrats to everyone who converted. For those, who didn't, its never too late.The new adcom wi...
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tusharait Yeah, he ain't no hackneyed adcom, he's one who treated h.... 12 Jun '13.
Legolas_33 Did not convert SPJIMR..but no doubt it would remain one .... 14 Jun '13.
@singsw At last you got it!!! Happy to see you for the next two years!!! you deserved it. Enjoy the moment!!!
singsw Thank you :) :) See u thr!. 07 Jun '13.
I got the call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
finally SPJIMR here I comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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panwala.pratik @anubhat hey can you tell me about ur WL no. and special.... 11 Jun '13.
seb @panwala.pratik anubha ws WL 3 marketing. 11 Jun '13.
Hey was any one able to download the STAT PRO tutorial ? Pls help if some one has !!!
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any update??
hv d admissions frozen now??
singsw @gmatrakesh, someone from ops has left recently? Do you k.... 06 Jun '13.
Vrd110 Hi, I have left from ops yesterday.. 06 Jun '13.
How many of you are yet to withdraw from FMS in OBC category? Please reply.
Hi All, Is there anyone who is a IIFT Delhi convert and has not yet withdrawn admission from there...i am trying to anticipate the waitlist movement at IIFT
Thanks in advance...:)
any idea Finance ka kya scene hai after the 5th WL?
Ankita_Nirola I was wl-1 after the fifth wl. i accepted earlier but the.... 11 Jun '13.
Rohitbaheti99 got a call but rejected. 11 Jun '13.
IM guyz did anybody after WL-26 get a call recently ... kindly update .. wud be really helpful
Inquisitive_me @gmatrakesh - yes she has joined.... 05 Jun '13.
Kathiravan.J Yes! WL 27 is @reetz88 and has joined.. 06 Jun '13.
Just called the admissions office of SPJIMR and was told that as of now there is no movement in the Marketing stream. There is definite movement in other streams. They said as there are no cancellations as of now in Marketing, all seats are allocated. Many of us wish to cancel admissions before c...
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singsw I tried calling but wasn't able to get through to admissi.... 03 Jun '13.
gmatrakesh were any one getting calls after a movement in IM. 04 Jun '13.
Got a call from SPJIMR today asking if I would like to take up their Ops call. I have converted IIM Bangalore so I refused the offer. Was W/L at 3 after the fifth movement. Hope this helps ! PS- I appreciate the efforts taken by SPJIMR to clear the movement quickly. cheers!
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vadapao @w00t i think the person after me has accepted the offer. 28 May '13.
Inquisitive_me IM guyz did anybody after WL-26 get a call recently ... .... 28 May '13.
did any1 from marketing waitlist get a call?
Hey ppl.. I got the call today. I was WL-2 OPS after the 5th movement. SPJIMR 2013-2015, it is!!@w00t : Mr. Ramesh was not very forthcoming when I asked if there would be further movements. You are 3rd in line now, if I am not mistaken! ATB..
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w00t @shaan12 no idea man. But I dobt our chances of a convert.... 28 May '13.
atas @singsw @w00t thanks!!. 28 May '13.
Is there going to be any waitlist movement this week ? As people are getting phone calls to confirm and all , its expected that there would be one more movement announcement. Anyone has any idea regarding this ?
gmatrakesh whats ur specialization and WL!?. 27 May '13.
SAMBHAB001 I do not have any hope for this year !Mine is Fin ,19. Wh.... 27 May '13.