[2013-2015] Official Thread for IIM Tiruchirappalli Admission Queries CAT & Related BSchools

Hi All,

This official thread is for all the IIM Tiruchirappalli Aspirants (PGDM, FPM programmes). You can post all your questions, doubts and ask for clarifications regarding the institute, admission process and anything that you wish to know about IIM Tiruchirappalli. We will be more than happy to answer them to the best of our capabilities.

Admission Criteria : http://iimtrichy.ac.in/home/academics/programs/pgpm/admission_criteria/

Official Website : http://www.iimtrichy.ac.in/

Official Facebook pages :


The WAT & PI is being conducted by IIM Raipur for all the new IIM's. Please follow this link for updates about the schedule of interviews

All the very best to all the aspirants

With Regards
Bharadwaj D Ryaka
PGP 2012-2014
IIM Tiruchirappalli

Bharadwaj D Ryaka | PGP 2012-2014 | IIM Trichy
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@ra10 Pls take the effort to read prev posts. Atleast take a note that discussions have been shifted to a new thread
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@s7k do we need to register individually at each institutes website ?? i havnt recieved ny mail from any institute but on result page its shows i m selected for wat/pi for new iims
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got calls from all new 6.........do we have to do some registration for iim-trichy like we have to do for iim-ranchi
Hi everyone,
Let us discuss in a new thread w.r.t your preparation/admission related queries:
Well, as you know the candidates in list of WATΠ by IIM L/B/C/K will be set aside from the new IIMs list. I'm sorry I can't really help you with this. Kindly call up the Adm Office at Raipur&Lucknow; and inform them about your preferences. Also, enquire if you can do skip the...
@getnikhil23 In. :)OA 99.03,
QA 99.32VA 93.82No other IIM calls except the new IIM's(not Rohtak) due to poor 12th and Grad acads.
I request you to please start a new thread for WAT/PI Discussions and alot mentors to all who are in.
CAT OA: 85.8
QA : 93.37
VA : 65.49
X : 90.2
XII : 94.5
UG : 78.2
work ex: Fresher
Category: NC-OBC , Male , Engineer
Got calls from Trichy, Kashipur , Raipur , Ranchi , Udaipur..
What are the chances of converting them ?
Congrts!! You r welcome! No sir pls! Being a fresher its kinda expected that you missed a call as they have criteria heavily skewed wrt wrk-ex (upto individual colleges).
Pls don't ask me abt chances till you are done with next round! You have a month's time and hence d...
I am shortlisted for the new IIM's and I have a IIM L ABM call as well and am not interested in attending the L ABM interview.. so do these new IIM's take the WAT-PI score from IIM L??? and do I need to attend L interview for these???
@getnikhil23 Hello sir first of all i want to thank you whole heartedly for answering all my queries.And secondly another good news is that i got calls from all new IIM's except IIM rohtak. Now i want you to guide me in converting the calls sir. Here is my profile.10th - 91.20%12th - 79.50%BE - 8...
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I understand your eagerness! It simply means you gotta be patient and try a little while later.
@getnikhil23 I am trying to login to see result. After taking my credentials the same page is displayed again without any error or anything. Does it mean I am not selected
Congrats to Puys who are shortlisted!
Prepare well for the WAT/PI round.
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@mg1390 I'm not so sure if they have increased considerably. IIM T is going with same strength as of current first year batch (100).And yes as posted earlier w.r.t Admissions Doc, the bar has been raised. So, I actually dont see the cutoff going lower.
@papun92 &@mg1390 Anyone clearing the cut...
IIM trichy cut-offs have been revised...
pdf file
getnikhil23 hi nikhil..my cat score OA -97.05 QA-96.20 VA 94.17 Xth 92.5 XII 94.7 Grad 78.05 workex 28 mnths any chances of a call?
I read somewhere that many IIMs have increased the number of seats. Is it true?
And does that mean, the cutoffs will reduce this time?
My scores are
Quants: 97
Verbal: 89.XX
OA: 96.1X
No it is not yet out. Yes, IIM Raipur assimilates the shortlists from all 6 new IIMs and give the list of IIMs from where one would have calls from.
Is the shortlist out for new IIMs
Do they give the shortlist together?