[2013-2015] IIM Trichy WAT&PI Call Getters Discussion CAT & Related BSchools

Congrats to all call getters !
Just one more step to the final offer of joining India's premier institute!
All of you Puys are welcome to ask any sort of admission/preparation related queries w.r.t Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli (IIM Trichy) in this thread.
All you guy...
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@getnikhil23 : Can you list previous year's essay topics pls?
@rebornNINJA : The summer placement report is available though. Check their website.
@rebornNINJA I hope you are aware that our first batch is yet to graduate. The placement season has just started, so that answers your query.
@getnikhil23 thanks for helping call-getters over here. Can you upload the placement report?
@rats91 Gud it is. One of the best you can imagine for finance and marketing!
Refer first post.
@kancharana ..... ok... you are supposed to write it on paper.....
How is the faculty at Trichy? Frank and honest opinion please.
@CAT-Catcher what i asked is are we supposed to write it on a paper or a soft copy?
@getnikhil23 Hi, please tell me how/what to prepare in WAT?
@kancharana Last year it was not case based.... it was based on some topic (could be abstract topic or current affairs)...... but to be on the safer side, prepare for short case (not more than 1 page) based ones also.....
Will the WAT be a paper based one?
No, unless you get any mail. Pls go through the previous post!
@getnikhil23 I have been shortlisted for WAT/PI of IIM Trichy. Do we have to fill an online form? Thank you.
what is the least %ile of the guy who converted the call last year
got calls from all new 6.........do we have to do some registration for iim-trichy like we have to do for iim-ranchi
@getnikhil23 Thanks.
Do prepare well, thats all I can tell you right now. And preparation, refer the first post in this thread! :)
Total number of seat is unchanged @ 100. I hv no idea about the number of calls, will get back to you regarding it!
Hi @getnikhil23 can you tell me what is the total number of seats and in what ratio are the calls given out this year? Is there any planned increase in the intake this year?