[2013-2015] IIM Kozhikode Stage 1 list out - Official CAT & Related BSchools

Hello everyone,

IIMK has declared the Phase 1 list. This is more of a ceremonious thing.

Kindly fill up the online form for stage II (WAT/PI) shortlist.Last date for compulsory completion of online registration: 15th January 2013, 11:59pm.

The link is here http://iimk.ac.in/admissionpackage2013/PDFstage1/

You can ask all your doubts here. We will help you to the best of our ability
Arnab Guha Mallik PGP15 http://in.linkedin.com/pub/arnab-guha-mallik/30/699/33b https://www.facebook.com/AGM.IIMK
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has anyone(gen) got the call below 95.70 oa..please mention your profile.it will help us
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@chikkymaddy and @garimasingh3010 , I believe you guys don't want to be banned, right? Being banned and missing out on stuff on PG after you've got calls is the worst case scenario.-
And being banned from PG isn't a very nice feeling, trust me.
Kindly do not argue. Keep and maintain pea...
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CAT Score- OA- 99.28 (QA- 96.63; VA- 99.31)Grad- 68.58%12th- 78.8%10th- 80.8%
Work ex- 9 months. First attempt.
Any idea why I am not shortlisted? :/
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@chikkymaddy : lol.. that escalated quickly. chill, love! I know u have nothing else to say to my comment cos u know i am right! I got a call from IIM-K at 97.59 percentile and God knows I can't look a guy in the eye who says he didn't get a call at 99 percentile. Our system is biased, and even t...
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Oh crap! This is a CAT-fight!
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^ Well said. +1
@chikkymaddy : If you really cared about the plight of sc st candidates, you wouldn't have gladly taken up the seat reserved for them. We (general category) candidates are not hindering their growth, as we are making do with the 50% seats we get. It is you (creamy layer sc/st people) who are hogg...
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@chikkymaddy guys don't counter chikky,she has no intentions to hurt ur sentiments , please people respect a girl
@chikkymaddy i already told u sorry & u mentioned me in d post regarding ur Probability and started new fight ...now i will not say anything to u and neither me to u
One message to all those guys & puys who have got reject from IIM-K and are general category male or female especially male engineers, people i understand how disheartening it is that even after u people have such a great profile & CAT 2012 result but got rejected from IIM K or lyk minded IIM's ...
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@RoadKill Hahaha! Enjoying the roadkill of IIM-K? :P
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Main to bas logon ke random rants ke maze le raha tha. The tears of folks rejected by IIM-K taste the best. :mg:
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gr8 spirit bro...
hope i have atleast some of it....
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Like it was the last decent wave coming to the shore, like the last good news in this very new year, the heavy rain started swiftly and it ruined the hope and enthusiasm of this current romantic view. And I got the notification that I'm not selected for the IIM-Koz. Though I feel it wasn't fo...
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What is wrong with you guys? It is IIM K's policy on who to call and who not to call. You, me or others on this forum cant change it. So deal with it. Enough said.
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@RoadKill arey yaar.... that was what i was saying..... is thread pe jo discussion hum sub kar rahe hai na... its all unproductive...
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Most amazing find!
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Lol, mera mood is not "so kharab that nothing works out". I did not take any offense to any of your posts and I got what you were trying to say. Like I pointed out in my previous post, tumhaare wording ka misinterpretation ho gaya.
Yea really i m a coward........ Thanks for showing me the mirror..... yes dats a great prof so can u den justify if he is such a genius y is he not going in to inventing sumthing for d country????
y do ppl shift from technical line( read engg) to mba (purely commercial) ?????
anyways i don...
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@ All Puys sorry to barge in but we all know IIM - K criteria is absurd and many deserving candidates have lost it - but don't encourage these posts. You can as well check this guys' other posts and I think he got 63% in CAT. See this link - http://www.pagalguy.com/forums/cat-and-related-bschool...
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