[2013 - 2015] IIM Bangalore Final Converts CAT & Related BSchools

Hi All,
IIM Bangalore has declared its offer list for PGP 2013-2015. You may check your result here.
PGP 2013-15 Offer/Wait List
Congratulations to everyone who made it to the "Place to B". You sure are among the brightest students in the country.
IIMB - The Place to Be YouT...
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Nikk82 anyone having any idea about preparatory course? for whom.... 17 Apr '13.
dheerajclear27 @Quantohelp does iim b gave any buffer call this time. 21 Apr '13.
B I U Post
Converted in general category ! \m/
Xth- 88.67
XIIth- 93.33
Grad- NITK Surathkal 8.82
W.exp- 20 months automobile industry
CAT- 98.56
SharadaVenkat deii phoduuuu. 10 Apr '13.
How many OBC candidates who converted also have IIM-L call??
plz comment
FroDo306 bhaiyo... what's the point of asking all this.. jab list .... 11 Apr '13.
pksingh3232 it will help to predict WL movement nothing else. 11 Apr '13.
Hey what are the chances of Gen category waitlist 36 getting converted?
sunny1987 any facebook group??. 10 Apr '13.
tamoghna @sunny1987 just be a bit patient...everything will be up!.... 10 Apr '13.
@abhi.iimb Thank you for ur help all through the WAT/PI stage
Kindly tell when can we get the official email?​
abhi.iimb In a few days.... 10 Apr '13.
2009 :IIFT : RejectedSCMHRD : RejectedIIM-K : Rejected
2011 :IIFT : RejectedIIM-K : Rejected
2013 : IIFT : RejectedSIBM : RejectedSCMHRD : RejectedSPJain : Rejected
IIM - B : ConvertedMakes me feel that it is true :Maktub (the alchemist readers will get this). for others : It is Written.
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liveurlifefully Thanks :) . 10 Apr '13.
binitbhaskar Angry Young Man !!. 11 Apr '13.
So how many CAs/B.Com/Eco graduates have converted?
ShuvamJoy Is there any Bsc grad???. 10 Apr '13.
CAmanish hey i have. 10 Apr '13.
My hands tremble when I write this...
Over 5 long years,after 5 CATs and umpteen mocks,I finally manage to make it to an IIM.
Thanks God for giving me the opportunities to get to this beautiful moment in my life. Thanks to my family who never understood why I was working hard even with a ...
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viDsHaN It is true that every effort is not converted into succes.... 10 Apr '13.
techsurge Congrats buddy.... love to read your aiwtsac post. 11 Apr '13.
@abhi.iimb The Offer letter and email come after 4 weeks??
abhi.iimb I was talking about the first waitlist movement and the c.... 10 Apr '13.
Converted.CAT-95Category- General Merit all the wayX Guj board- 89XII Guj Board-85NIT Surat-Btech Mechanical- 9.1/10WorkEx- 30 Months til jan 2013.Ecstatic, and over the moon...
mvenkat3272 category?. 12 Apr '13.
viDsHaN General merit.. 13 Apr '13.
Waitlisted at 69!
CAT 98.78
X (CBSE) 90%
XII (CBSE) 85.8% (got reduced during verification from 89.8%, which I filled up online, taking best of 5)
IIT KGP (BSc + MSc) 8.64/10
30 months work ex till Jan 2013.
(Seems like my boards %s are sheer disgrace seeing most other people h...
When are we expected to recieve the official email?
tamoghna you should receive within next 2-3 days. 10 Apr '13.
How many of u are leaving xlri
targetcfa i hope atleast 20 do. 10 Apr '13.
amrit12 I am. Leaving XLRI BM.. 10 Apr '13.
And a Big thnks to all the Puys who have helped me
Once you get the official email, you would get to know the last date for submission of DD and Offer acceptance letter.After this date the first W/L movement takes place across all categories. Last year W/L movement took place after about 4 weeks from the day results were declared.
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gelato do we need to send the dd etc by post or need to go to ii.... 11 Apr '13.
abhi.iimb You can send the DD and Offer Acceptance form by speed post.. 11 Apr '13.
@ROFL in... after 4 rejects ... CAT- 84.5 (NC-OBC) , X-91.8% , XII- 90.2% (CBSE) , GRAD: BE(EnTC) - 80%
​work ex???
Congratulations and a Very Warm Welcome to IIMB Those in the W/L are requested to be patient as there was a good W/L movement (~60 in General) last year.
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sumeet_bitian m waitlisted at 70 Gen category..what are my chances keep.... 17 Apr '13.
rkt4209 @aksbest16 : WL 6 in general category is as good as a con.... 24 Apr '13.
Converted with 62.19 under PWD Category
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smn89 ok..thnx :) . 14 Apr '13.
IIMHunt I Request you all to Enter your details in MBA 2013 2015 .... 19 Apr '13.
CAT: 99.96 %ile (General)
10th: 92.6 % (CBSE)
12th: 95.8 % (CBSE)
B.Tech: 8.18 (Mechanical @ IIT Delhi)
Work-ex: 1.8 years (FMCG) Result: Waitlisted at 50 :( :(
Puys, any chances? When does the waitlist start to move?
General, Male
99.24%ile X- 96.4% (CBSE)XII - 96.6% (CBSE)B.Tech. (H) in Electrical Engg - 8.96/10 (end of 7 semesters)
Work Ex- Nil (fresher, IIT Kharagpur)