[2013-2015] FMS Delhi Discussions CAT & Related BSchools

Online registration will start from 12 September 2102.
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Dear All,
All those candidates who have applied through reservation are requested to go through the PDF attached with this post that mentions important guidelines that you need to follow when you come for the GD-PI process.
As per the admission authorities, some of you do not have their ca...
pdf file
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bus zindabad
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Tension toh nahi hai. Mum ki office se free ki flight ticket mil rahi hai.
no man....itni mehnat kaun kare :p
@shashankbapat23 Have you tried calling them??? that might help......
hehe ....wohi karna padega.....btw I am from Bhopal yahan se bahut trains hai hopefully mil jaega
PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! aaj to tension naa lo kum se kum
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@rishiinked - you have to speak for 1 minute. i have no clue about the 'screwing' part . I guess the seniors can answer this question better..
Ab ghanta kisi ko ticket milne wala hai. :splat:
FMS se request karte hai city-wise train ya flight charter karne.
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@henswiss hadd hai yaar !!! should we then book tickets for all days from 17th to 23rd
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Lady at FMS said dates would be out by 8-10 march....... This is what she said, could be wrong though...... So, we'd need to chill out a few days !!!!!!
@requeim4adream : they would call it an extempore if you take 1 minute to think..it becomes an elocution man..
@awesomeusername ok how long do we have to speak and will they screw us on wat we speak :P
@requeim4adream - as far as i know, u get a max of 5 seconds to think about the topic. In some of the last year's experiences, NO time at all was given. It was lyk 'ur topic is this and you will not get any time to think. Your time starts now'...
@requeim4adream 1 minute of though for speaking 1 minute!! You are asking too much dude. Extempore tests how spontaneous you are. I suggest to take maximum 20 seconds!!
@all does one get a minute or two to think over extempore topic?
@awesomeusername thanxx
@mufti25 - it is present at the begining of this thread
@ChocoPie me too...hvnt received nething yet ...
no mails yet na?? nd no list?? i haven't received any for sure 98.72, OBC