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@Mukulspock @visionIIM-ACL @sya08 @kd.willreturn @sumind Why is the placement and summer reports for 2012 and 2013(if completed) not uploaded on the site. As per my info the placements for these years were much better than that of 2011, which is the last report on the site. Any specific reason for not uploading?


I understand your concern and it is quite logical to know about the college before joining it. So you have every right to ask it...So let me take you through the brief history of placements at NITIE

a) Placements 2008 – Avg. Salary -13.71, Batch Size – 149 students

b) Placements 2009 – Avg. Salary – 10.27, Batch Size – 128 students

Reason for Dip – Recession but one of the only 4-5 B-Schools to have a 10+ average figure in that year

c) Placements 2010 – Avg. salary – 12.67, Batch Size – 137 Students (OBC quota implementation – 1st Phase)

d) Placements 2011 – Avg. Salary – 12.97, Batch Size – 206 Students (OBC quota implementation – 2nd Phase)

PS: Although this year saw an increased batch size but average figures increased as market was picking up

e) Placements 2012 – Avg. Salary – 11.08 , Batch Size – 254 Students (OBC quota implementation - 3rd Phase)

Reasons for a dip – Increased Batch Size, Increase in Seats in Higher Ranked B-Schools, Opening up of 4 New IIMs

f) Placements 2013 – Avg. Salary – Undisclosed (my assumption – 11.5 -12) , Batch Size – 227 students

Pros – Decrease in Batch Size, A better mix of work-ex – Fresher, Higher Packages, Increase in Number of PPO offers

Cons – Competition from 7 New IIMs (although there are many companies who prefer NITIE over the New IIMs), Market is in a slowdown, Increase in seats in other Higher Ranked B-Schools

g) Placements 2014 (Summers) – 100% with increase in average pay package and diversified roles, Batch Size – 218

Ps: I assume this batch will see a much better placement owing to decreased batch size and a better mix of Profile. Moreover the last 2-3 years has seen a lot of green companies in the campus…

And I have been tracking NITIE’s selection procedure since last 2-3 years. I myself undertook it since the last two years. What I have observed is NITIE is looking for more Niche kind of profiles. Profiles which would blend well with Industrial Management and would help NITIE to place them easily and with good profiles. So guys if you are choosing NITIE you are in safe hands. One more thing NITIE is 85% SCM/OPS and only 15% Sales/Mktg./Fin/BD…I am myself into Marketing with an automobile company but believe me the first 2 years has to be in Sales. Guys working with me are from XL, FMS, LIK and others. All of us are in Sales but after a couple of years we will be inducted in marketing…

What i would say is that Placements and average salaries depend upon a lot of things like the Market Scenario, Competition, Your profile most importantly. NITIE as a B-School will give you a lot of opportunity to get that dream job of yours but believe me you have to add value to yourself and the real hard work starts now...And the next two years are going to be the best two years of your life...Take my word on that...

Congratulations for making it to one of the topmost B-Schools in the country and All the best for your Future…

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  • vishwesh9 @kd.willreturn First of all thanx for taking out time from your daily schedule to post a detailed and informative reply.This is exactly what I was expecting as a reply, so thanks for providing me the info. :)

    People say that placements is not a factor in selecting a college and what is important is the learning and they are true to a large extent. However my thinking is, placements is also one of the factors, if not the most inportant. Moreover, I would like to get as much data about a college as possible, before making an important and one-time decision of joining a B-school. Hence I had asked this query.

    I have not yet converted. Currently W/L at 77 in PGDIM in General category. According to the past trends and my mentors I have a strong chance of converting. Hoping to convert and join this prestigious institute.

    Thanks again for your help :)
  • kd.willreturn You are most welcome...
  • poorme @kd.willreturn Hello ! my query might look stupid, but can u xplain wat exaclty is OPS/SCM. as in is it again a door leadin to IT :| ? n u wrote 85% = so is it like. since its flgship, ppl opt for it more than sales/mktg ?#noob. please guide. convrtd nitie. though dont really hav mch idea bout the courses :banghead:
  • sumind @poorme SCM/OPS doesnot mean IT job, though IT consulting is one of the options. 85% means when you are in NITIE, companies assume that you know operations better than any other college student. So, they offer ops profile the most. If people are interested in marketing and fin, they work hard and get opportunities there, but most of them go for ops profile.
  • poorme @sumind thnks fr the rep. one more please so wt r the other options offered for scm/ops at nitie?
  • sumind @poorme I guess you should go through the entire thread posted by kd above. The other options are Supply chain managers, operations excellence, operations manager, procurement manager, logistics...etc
  • poorme @sumind i wil :)  @kd.willreturn thanks  to both :) !
  • sudipto792 @sumind  i have work ex of just 6 months.....so is it true that i will not be shortlisted by most companies?....as most recruiters have work ex criteria....
  • nwelief Just a random fact Tim Cook joined Apple as Senior Vice President for Worldwide Operations.
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  • destiny001 mere 'like' is kinda underappreciation from our side for this  post ,so , thanks for such valuable insight and crystal clear analysis..Sirji..!!
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