[2013-15]IIM Lucknow GD PI Call Getters Discussions CAT & Related BSchools

**Please find the attached PDF on admission form guidelines, You are requested to go through the doc before raising any queries**
Greetings from Team Ignicion!!Ignicion is student mentorship program of IIM lucknow.
IIM Lucknow has released it's shortlist for GD/PI process.
pdf file
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In the morning I checked there was ABM call for me from IIM L.But now I am checking its giving sorry your are not shortlisted.I am confused Plz help!!!
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when i checked for the 1st time it said that i a through...but when i am checking now it is showing some database query error with a message in the end that i have'nt made it through....is nebdy facing the same?
@pinki24 u can download it from CAT website....:)
@CCM Cool ....Jus one query,R u under General category? The IIMA composite score cut off for shortlist was 0.71,and I scored a total of 300/450,leading to my composite score of 0.65 ( 10th ,12th score being 90 plus and grad is 65 plus),any clue what ur composite score was?
could not get a call ..
OA 99.51
QA 97.5
VA 99.46
Xth 84.4
XII th 77.4
B.E. 71.3
plz explain why ????
@rahuldots Thanks! I got 111/225 in Sec I and 183/225 in Sec II. Total 294/450.
can anyone please give me link for the OBC-NC proforma??i cant find it on the IIM L site
@CCM Congrats dude ! Can u tel me how much was ur sectional score in ur cat marks card(not sectional percentile) ? Thanks...
Offer letter with first and last payslip will suffice...
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got a call atoa-97.48va-96.91qa-94.65nc-obc
Mods/ L seniors?Some explanation would be helpful...
not even an ABM call.. am baffled..
even for ABM????
Didn't get PGP at 99.56
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@someone16 i think the cutoff for general overall male is around 99.4x......with little variations in profile and grad score
If anyone could explain... please...I did not even get the ABM call... Just cant understand.....
Here is my scorecard:-
OA: 99.24
QA: 98.75
VA: 97.49
Undergrad: 71 (Commerce)
12th: 85 (CBSE)
10th: 88 (CBSE)
Work Ex: 26 Months
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Got ABM and not PGP
Sec 1 99.22
Sec 2 98.12
OA 99.56
Xth 91.2
XIIth 83.6
Btech 84.6
No work ex
Someone please explain why I didn't get PGP.
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no call for me as yet OA:- 99.6 (95.5,99.88)X/XII:- 93,93.3G/PG:- 7.5,8.3(dual degree)Work Ex of 3 months
Any idea why? can i expect ANY calls whatsoever? :(
Call from IIM L
Grad-85.6 (DAIICT)
19 month Work Experience as of now.
Hey.. In with:
OA: 98.72QA-DI: 97.34VA-LR: 97.6610th: 93-cbse12th: 90-cbsegrad: 74.5 (Pune University)
NC-OBC girl..2nd call after IIMC.. :-)
In @ 99.71 percentile...And I have the same query as @shwstppr