2013-15 IIM Indore WAT/PI Call Getters Thread - Official CAT & Related BSchools

This thread is created to address all your queries related to admissions to 2013-15 PGP batch of IIM Indore.
Official Facebook Group for WAT/PI Call Getters: https://www.facebook.com/groups/458939334171664
You may send a request to join, and inbox me your CAT Registration ID, Date of Birth ...
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constantinopole is anyone facing problem in opening the iim indore site i.... 05 Feb.
jainankur369 the site is not opening for the past 3 days. 06 Feb.
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What are interview dates for PGP program for IIM Indore for the Delhi centre??Can anyone please tell me...its kinda urgent...thanks
Legolas_33 @kanika.handa Please post your queries here ... www.paga.... 16 Feb.
Has the blank interview form been uploaded on the IIM Indore website yet or not?
thejoker01 it has been uploaded. 16 Feb.
Any official thread for IIM Indore 2014-2016 call getters ?
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ashissanpui Thanks got it finally ! .... 11th Apr-Kol :) . 10 Feb.
Siddhu2104 1apr mumbai. 11 Feb.
Hi,My profile is as below:OA - 97.7QA - 94.XXVA - 97.XXNC - General10th - 88% (CBSE)12th - 87% (CBSE)Grad (Engg ) - 86
What are my chances to get a call from IIM Indore??P.S - I am from Indore (I know it doesn't have any weightage )
OA :- 91.6QA :- 65.8VA :- 98.08NC - OBC category10th :- 83%12th :- 77%b.tech (electrical and electronics) JNTUH :- 61.1%is there any chance of getting a call atleast from new IIMs??and any IITs?????please help me........
Legolas_33 Please check the thread before posting your queries.. 22 Jan.
Hi Puys,MY Cat Score : OA : 98.6...VA : 63.81...QA : 99.94...X : 94...XII : 94.8...UG : 90.9...Work Ex : 18 mon.....Plz tell me the colleges which i can apply now...Please let me know the colleges which do not consider individual cutoffs..
Legolas_33 Not the right thread bro. Here is the right one www.pagal.... 20 Jan.
@Germinator what was the Final Composite Score for final selection in OBC for 2013-2015
Legolas_33 31st Jan.. 22 Jan.
fakepractice @Legolas_33 when will the list be out?. 31 Jan.
I took admission in IIM Udaipur and today I got a call from IIM Indore....Puys ,please suggest,what to do?
potter39 @rockstar24 but my 2 lakhs is paid there..and they are n.... 03 Jul '13.
rockstar24 hmm..yaar MBA 1 baar hi karte hai..mai to indore jaata....... 03 Jul '13.
Whats the fees for 2013-15 batch incl hostel ?
dead_alive @Legolas_33 ok...does it include mess fee too ? . 29 Jun '13.
Legolas_33 Yes it includes mess too :) . 29 Jun '13.
@Germinator I am currently waitlisted at 72 as per the list released on 27 June, what are my chances? Will There be any other list after this?
vipulstephens m wl at 6...SC category..... 28 Jun '13.
Germinator If there are seats remaining, they will call.. 28 Jun '13.
Hi guys!I have converted IIM Shillong and am waitlisted in Indore. I have also converted IIM Trichy, Udaipur and Kashipur. What Should I do? Should I go for new IIMs or IIM Shillong? Please Help.
rahul786dua @tusharjain89 , 72 in the present list.. 27 Jun '13.
tusharjain89 @rahul786dua bhai mein 7 hu in present list :( . 27 Jun '13.
torqtech @sarshakti FMS takes through CAT now. XL has its own pape.... 06 Jun '13.
sarshakti thank you:). 06 Jun '13.
Yaar koio batayega buffer calls thi ya nahi ......aur agar thi to wo waitlist walo se pahle bharte h kya.............i was wait listed no 1 in PH/DA category..................still m waitlisted no 1..........WTF...............
rahulrambo will any further wl movement solely depend on rejection o.... 05 Jun '13.
tingo not only tat plus withdrawal of converted candidates. 06 Jun '13.
wl moved by 8 for nc-obc
nikjo4 last year they didnt give any buffer calls ?. 05 Jun '13.
SANGI Can someone explain how this buffer thing works? The 100 .... 05 Jun '13.
WL moved by 12 for SC category
rohit3221 Now I am at W/L 14 . 05 Jun '13.
WL moved by 17 in general
hi,i converted but i didnt send scanned copy of offer acceptance letter rather I posted it.
What should I do??? Is there ny hope? Can i send Scanned copy now? as yesterday was last date...please help me out
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The deadline for submitting the confirmation amount is over now, when should we expect the updated WL?
signorina am at 49 gen WL now, dreams shattered I guess. 05 Jun '13.
nikjo4 @Preeti_L OBC,, and yeah hoping for the best . 05 Jun '13.
Anybody with an IIFT Delhi convert here who is yet to withdraw the money?
RedemptionTime withdrawal got confirmed yesterday tho i had intimidated .... 06 Jun '13.
Could some one please answer how many marks would be awarded to Secondary 94.6% -CBSE , 12th 90.4%-CBSE & CGPA of 7.8 - B.E out of 17, 17 & 16.
sks1702 it will be 17 % 94.6(10th) + 17% of 90.4(12th) + 16% of (.... 30 May '13.