[2012] NIT Durgapur MBA queries CAT & Related BSchools

Please carry on with discussions for admission into NIT Durgapur MBA in this thread.
here's the link to the older thread.
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don't be confused buddy... may be you deserve that.
so, are you joining?
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Hey I got selected!!! Rank 1 :D
Mostly students of MBA take accomodation in 54 foot location at back side of NIT durgapur some security guards will definately help you at reasonable rates & for fooding they can manage your own or they might get tiffin system by asking Local People in 54 foot, Durgapur. Hope this will help you.
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Last time in open category waiting list was done frm rank 47 - 78 uptill the 46 students were filled in open category. So nearly 15-18 students were frm waiting list who took addmission & rest were absent so it went along till rank-78 in 2011. Hope this will help you..
yes u r ryt bro its BIT mesra Ranchi
converted definetely going...
thanks @Anish... all the best to you too.
Congratulation Joydeep. All the best for your coming two years
Seniors ,can someone give an idea about last few year that upto what rank waiting list student got admission in open catagory..
Yes i will join
Hi..all who have converted pls join us on facebook http://www.facebook.com/groups/114903808646024/ on this link..admin is kaushik biswas..
... Admission date is 2nd July'2012 , i.e., Monday ( provided in the list ) ...
NIT - D MBA Seniors ...
....Are there any placement improvements for current 2012 passing out batch .. ??
Please help us ... ( aspirants of NIT - D MBA ) ...
Yaa its 2nd July'12 ....
As far as I knw... classes will commence from the mid of July'12 ...
... yaa U are correct ... weather will b sum what cool ...
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hi..i too got selected in general category...rank 23..:cheers:
seniors pls help us getiing accomodation..also pls tell us abt current scenario..
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omg it's july,i thought othrwise (thnx buddy) why 1 month gap,i wonder when will our classes start? on +ve note-weather wiil be cool ......
june or july 2nd???
yes there are good chances of you being getting a seat as out of 46 , 5 may not join or might join some other college..so hope for the best..also, if u hopefully get the seat, will u join it?? pls reply
I think Birla Inst. of Technology ...
Dude .. The admission date is nt 2nd June .... its 2nd July... ( single day )
.. see the list...
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