[2012-2014] IIM Trichy Call Getters Discussion CAT & Related BSchools

Congrats to all call getters [smiley] [smiley] [smiley]
One more step to the final offer :D :D
U can post all your queries related Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli (IIM Trichy) in this thread. [smiley] [smiley]
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nahiiiiii... satyanaash! one more reject i.e.8th!
i am the perennial under-achiever...
i dont want to give up yet. mission cat 2012! yes
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Continue your discussion here:-
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!!! YAY !!! Rejected...
Never felt better...
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Rejected :(:(:(
Any one leaving new iims for mdi/nitie/iits ?
some one please confirm if wL is also out
Icant bear these results anymore....so many rejects even after very good gd pi and decent profile...
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Rejected yet again!!
Congrats on being the first +ve post after IIM T results..Congrats bro !!
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Hope they are not testing like Udaipur:sneaky:
not selected.............
Anybody waitlisted please
Anybody waitlisted please share the info. I have a feeling even this list does not tell us about waitlists.
My first direct convert ever!! after rejects from iim ranchi, rohtak and udaipur (most probably)
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Another Reject adds up !!
Me too.. not matching the list..
Dont know why.. it doesn't hurt anymore..
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Anyone got + result till now??
Same.. not matching with the present list..
It seems he was joking with me.