[2012-2014] IIM Lucknow Essay/GD/PI Experiences CAT & Related BSchools

All the best to everyone for their IIML interviews and please do post in your experiences.
For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this:
X %,Board, year
XII%, Board, year
Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), Perce...
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Results are out...
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I am sorry guys. Apparently that friend was 'joking'. Not my idea of prank really. Spent a very worried half an hour sorry for all the anxiety caused..
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When did the mail come. All the ppl who are selected for abm we're sent the mail??
No idea! that's why m asking!
The site is not opening
r thy sendin 4 pgp also?
Is the result out? I know sm1 with an abm call getting a mail that he has been selected?
Another week than might have to book my tics for FMS..:shocked:
U had a very nice interview gal..
Hmm I shld have looked at ur interview experience properly .. They asked me Determinant matrix question ,, I cldnot remember:( Cldnot remembered wat a determinant is at that moment after being negated in all most all my answers(Stress interview).... I knew at ...
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CAT 2011 Results/Cutoffs & Waitlist Tracker
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A aane wala hai 16 ko, so L should be within another week max.
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IIM A. IIM L still says "Next week".
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IIM A results will be out on April 16, confirmed wid admissions offc:)
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When is HELL going to declare its result??
I am a chemical engineer fresher and had my iim l gd pi on 3rd april
GD: reason always exists but not often in a reasonable form
spoke a lot and made good points . Didnt do that well in the WAT though
PI : Panelist 1 (p1) nice and friendly
Panelist 2 (p2) laughed at all the answers I...
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IIM-C results are out IIM-L please release the final list soon
When can we expect final results?
What amount should be paid to accept the seat? How many days will be give?
Call for PGP (did not apply to ABM)
X - 86.4%, ICSE Board, 2004
XII - 92.4%, Commerce, ISC Board, 2006
Graduation: B.Sc. Economics Honours 2006-09
Professional Degree - Chartered Accountant (passed in May 2011)
Work-Ex: 2 months
Company - Suresh Surana & Associates
12 12
X % : 90.17%, ICSE 2003
XII% : 61%, CBSE 2005
Undergrad Stream : B.Tech CSE, KIIT University, 2010
TCS(18 months) Oracle Apps ERP Consultant
CAT 2011:
Quant :99.93
Verbal :95.15
Aggregate : 99.87
(category) : General
Extra acads : NIL
Any other ...
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