[2012-2014] IIM Ahmedabad (WIMWI) Shortlist and Related Discussions! CAT & Related BSchools

Guys check ur status..
PGP - Admission status: IIMA
PGP-ABM Shortlist :
8 8
Congrats to all those who converted the most coveted college! :)

Please continue here for further discussions http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/cat-and-related-discussion/80949-iim-ahmedabad-wimwi-final-converts.html#post3418792
** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **
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Congrats to all convertees... Way to go!!!
i got rejected after having a nice interview...
3 3
Category : SC
Percentile : 90.14
X : 87.0
XII : 85.6
Grad : 87.4 (NIFT, New Delhi)
Work Ex : Fashion Industry, 1 Month.. SKNL (Belmonte and Red&Taylor; Brand)
2 2
ya no probs a lot of confusion and anxiety has been avoided........
One more Reject for me..
Congratulations to all converts...
Generally the list moves. Not sure by how many, but it generally does. So, I think u have a gr8 chance. Just wait for further confirmations. I think there is a spreadsheet being circulated on PG which tracks the waitlist of candidates. Check it there. You may find it useful
Congratulations everyone for their hard work and dedication
I am wait listed at No-1 in ST category?
Any hopes? I have been rejected by IIM B & C.
Please help. This is my only hope.
Offered admission to PGP 2012-2014 at IIM A!...Thank You Lord..I couldnt have asked for more!
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Congratualtiosn to those who made it to the final merit list ...
PS: btw i got rejected by IIM A ....no probs..its JOKA thats calling me :)
3 3
I am in..............................
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I guess there isnt anyone else here with all ABC converts!! Awesome!!
Congrats man :)
Could you please share your profile?
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I would like to know ur profile & CAT %ile roby dude..after all ABC convert hai....
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Respect man....If m not wrong u have all the big three ,ABC ,convert..!!!...kamaal ho sirjee aap..
Congratulations to call call getters.
Head over to this thread for discussions and queries.
Nahin hua..
its tough to digest... especially after living with hopes for whole week... Perhaps i will never know what it feels to to see a convert.
All the best to everyone... and congratulations to all who made it. i put my ass on fire to get through this but you guys had that extra thin...
3 3
Selected.. WIMWI aka IIM-Ahmedabad.. I'm coming....
3 3
some1 can plzz help me in finding out score of 99 percentiler..............
CONVERT ho gaya
Congratulations to all converts.......
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