[2012-14] FORE School of Management: Official Admission queries thread CAT & Related BSchools

Dear FORE aspirants,
Admissions for the batch of 2012-14 are now open!!
The admission notification for the courses offered - PGDM & PGDM-IB, is attached along with.
For further details refer TOI ad or FORE website.
Course Overview - PGDM
Course Overview PGDM-IB
Admission brochur...
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Congratulations to all the call getters :thumbsup:

Please continue here for further discussions http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/cat-and-related-discussion/77307-2012-14-fore-gd-pi.html
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thnx alot dhruv.
For change of centres or any other issue (i.e. if you have applied and not got a call at a percentile at which you should have ) then call these numbers. Possibly the office would be closed by now, and as tomorrow is a holiday, then surely call on th...
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Yes it is possible. Call the admissions dept at the numbers mentioned above. You can do that on Friday only, no need to wait for 1st Feb. Most likely they will change it unless your reason doesn't sound genuine to the admissions dept at all.
Btw congrats!
I HAVE applied yaar,I just opened my FORE application copy as well to make sure .My form number is 32351 :(.
Seniors please help!!
Can we change the GDPI centre? Its really urgent. please reply moderator.
PM me your ID. I'll try. But if you are not able to view your results by tomorrow, then call the admissions team on Friday on the numbers mentioned ain my post above.
dude. kindly check if u have applied or not .
@ sambuca - got a call
u were right
Hey can you let us know the cut offs for this year?I have gt 93.39 but it says record does nt exists :(.
Does that mean that I am nt shorlisted?
If you still have that problem then I would suggest you to call the admissions department on Friday. The numbers are +91-11-26569996 and +91-11-41242415.
I hope you have your FORE form number with you (Either in the mail or on the brochure).
i applied for only pgdm.....nd yes i got 85.42....to frnds i tell 86(lol)
i think my marks is the cutoff this time for pgdm
Arav3143 i got 82%ile....not shortlisted...r u really shortlisted at 85.42%ile??my frnd ashish not shortlisted at 85.03%...means cutofff is 85%... R u selected for both core and ib???or one program???
The cut-off cannot be revealed right now. You should have guessed it by now.
At 82, PGDM is OUT, IB is still in reach!
Gud luck!
It says "The record does not exist"
I think you did not apply. Sorry but can't think of any other reason. Check if you applied or not.
what's ur email id and date of birth, pm me the details
What is cut off fore pgdm and pgdm ib for 2012-14 batch???i got 82%ile...but not shortlisted..plz help frnds
SR7518976is my reg no
Dude u might not have applied
i rechecked, my call still stands :
I got a call ... CAT: 88.61 for both PGDM and IB....
POST your CAT reg no.