[2011] Official Thread for NITIE Admission Queries 2011-2013 session CAT & Related BSchools

Hii all,
NITIE, Mumbai announces Admission to the following programs batch
Eligibility criteria:
All first class engineering/technology graduates are eligible to apply ( 5% relaxation for SC/ST/PD Candidates)
All applicants are expected to writ...
pdf file
51 51
Will get back to you all with cutoffs and all the queries soon, till then keep shooting them at http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/cat-and-related-discussion/63373-2011-13-nitie-gdpi-call.html#post2564498
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got the nitie call for PGDIM at 98.44 percentile...
interview on 15th March
Yahoo..... PGDIM call on 14th March @ 98.15 !!! very close to lower cutoff I feel, but who cares, I am through
Dont use search option on that pdf,it doesnt work.scroll down the pages.for each date there is a category wise list.
As varun has clearly mentioned before calls are strictly CAT score based.
I dont have a good profile except perhaps work ex(3+ years).thats why i've only L call at 99.44.
Got a call for PGDIM at 98.37...what a relief
Whooooo :)
Got a call for PGDIM
intv on 15th march.
just a small query, the last digit of the cat SR number is missing, i hope there is no other gaurav with similar details :)
anyways the application number is mine only!!
Now this is strange. I haven't bagged a call for PGDITM at 97.58 even though it's been my first preference since the very beginning. I think the sectionals have sky-rocketed from the 65 odd last time & my 77.31 DI sectional has played spoilsport.
Can you please clarify the cutoffs (O...
Hi varun.
NITIE clashing with FMS on 14th.Please tell me now what is to be done ?
No call at 98.57
with min sectional (93)
Seniors please let us know what is the cutoff and selection criteria?
got a call at 98.44... was slightly pensive while checking the results.. searched for my name and it said not found.. then i kept scrolling through the list and my name was there... last digit of CAT Reg Number is snipped off..
gd pi date 14 march... i hope nitie changes it.. i have fms on th...
can you please share the cut offs fr this year..
Got call @ 99.19
GD/PI on 14th March
3 3
Congrats all those who have got the calls :cheers:
Please continue here for further discussion http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/cat-and-related-discussion/63373-2011-13-nitie-gdpi-call.html#post2564498
got in for IM at 99.46
@ varun sir,
can you please mention the cutoffs for all 3 courses
and procedure for change of slot.
Could you please confirm whether your CAT reg num is correctly displayed there??
Got the call for PGDIM...My GD/PI date is on 17th March , want to change it on 18th..on 18th i have a slightly better probability of attending the interview ..Thanks to my prior workplace commitments..hope the request will be entertained..
2 2
issue sorted...
Guys how come the list has CAT reg no of SRxxxxx...only 6 digits..
We have 7 digits reg num..now..dont we??
my mistake..dint look at the complete pdf..
got the call..18th march!!
got the call for PGDIM.
CAT score:99.44
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