[2011-2013]IIM Udaipur Final Converts Discussion CAT & Related BSchools

Hi Puys,
Please use this thread to discuss about all the related stuffs regarding IIM Udaipur's Final Call getters discussion.
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I just want to know what was the last wait-list number of a general category wait-listed candidate who was able to finally join the IIM i.e could convert the call........
And also if some one help me about the average cut-off for call and convert..... (I know this changes for person to person ...
Hi Seniors,

What is the percentile to which the selection went finally for each category last year?Please let us know the cut-offs under each category especially NC-OBC.

Best Regards,
Converts : SJMSom(IIT-B), IIM R,R,R,T,K,U
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    The admission policy for session 2012-14 is out. Request the admins to make a new admissions page.
    The Pioneer Batch,
    Post Graduate Programme(2011-13),
    Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur.
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    Hey those who have cleared the wait list and joinin IIM U ...
    Pls join the face book community asap
    we are having a tele conference with the Director to clear all our doubts...
    Do join asap !!
    Was wait listed in General Category at number 3 .... will not be joining.
    Wait list moves by 1 ...
    anyone got new waitlist numbers???
    I'm through!!!!!!!!!!!! The waitlist status has moved ahead. All the waitlisted Puys can check their status.
    ny idea on udaipur waitlist movement...?
    Dude its upto u to decide based on hw confident u r of CAT and cracking the GD/PI process of older IIMs. You need also look into the salary u r getting nw and the expected salary after 2 yrs (both if u join and not join). I was in a similar situation last yr wen I had IIM-Raipur call. I was a fre...
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    when will be the wait list movement arrive its already 30 june 5:0 pm
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    bro I wish I could help... but I have no idea... I can only wish you luck... hopefully you will get through... good luck!
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    puys :shocked:please help
    i have 3 wait list in pwd ...what are the chances of conversion
    Hey Puys !! Can anyone tell me, if we have to deposit caution money along with the admission fees during the admission period??
    Is it like -50000 Rs- seat confirmation
    100000 Rs- admission fees
    25000 Rs- caution deposit
    so we have to pay Rs 175000 before we...
    Take ur decision based on 6-7 factors:
    1) Company u r working
    2) Salary u are getting now
    3) Kind of job profile u have and ur goal in life.
    4) How confident u r to get a good percentile next year in CAT or other exams.
    5) Ur probability of cracking GD/PI next year.
    6) Ur expect...
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    Joining would make sense i feel...
    Even i hav 1 yr exp ....
    The location of Udaipur is favorable ...
    Well to take it or not depends on the profile that you have. If you're into a very specific field which a General MBA wouldn't serve you can give it a skip. And if you're prepared to wait another year and give it another shot you can very well do that. If you have concerns about IIM U being a new...
    HI all,
    Can PUYS help me out here?? I have a 1 yr experience..
    98.7 percentile this time.. and IIM U was the only call and covert!!
    But I am really confused whether to join or not since this is a very new IIM??
    same pics given in the web site....
    ANy one went to c the campus for real ?
    this is h0w 0ur temp0rary campus w0uld l00k like