[2011-2013] IIM Indore Final Results out CAT & Related BSchools

Hi All,
Please check the result here - Indian Institute of Management Indore - PGP Final Result
Best of Luck to everyone!
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Find the shortlist @ below link :-

Indian Institute of Management Indore - PGP WATPI

ATB 2 all....

This is not the correct thread to be on. This is last year's thread.
Find this year's thread here.


Regards Rohit Phulsunge Ex-Media Committee Member @ IIM Indore www.facebook.com/rohitphulsunge
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Find the shortlist @ below link :-
Indian Institute of Management Indore - PGP WATPI
ATB 2 all....
aaaarrgghhh... d w8 is killing me i gues!! :banghead:
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Dude...control ur excitement..u r i last yr page...!!
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Please give me the link to see the results.. i cant find it...
IIM indore admission procedure has now been closed and now no more converts will happen this year...
For all those who just missed getting admission into IIM I, try again next year, you definitely will succeed..
All the best
The sessions have started on 12th July and the registrations are over for the year. If you have doubts please check with the admission office.
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are all the seats of OBC category are filled or still some are remaining for PGP 2011-2013...
sorry for posting this query here puys bt cud'nt find a thread to post it..cud sumbody throw light on PGP at ras al khamiah,uae as given on iim-indore site????
Hi Ankit,
I guess you can post these articles on the facebook group "IIM Indore batch of 2011-13", very few people turn up here, many people enjoy your blogs/articles as well, so you can find them there.
Warm regards,
Rahil Maniyar
seniors please reply...
i cancelled admission from IIM INDORE...
on 29 Th i sent an e-mail fro the request of cancellation of admission...
on 30 Th i have sent handwritten letter mentioning the same...
but yet i haven't received any acknowledgement e-mail...
i am trying to call ii...
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5 reasons why student run placements should give way to CDC at IIM - Inside IIM What do you guys think after reading this?
Hi Pradeep,
If they have asked you, in most cases it is because some of the participants who had earlier shown interest in joining would have backed out, so your chances are quite high, but just hold on till you get a confirmed call or mail, just be a little calm for next 4-5 days.
Warm reg...
hi boss plz help me nd tell me that, i got call from iim indore on 30 nd they asked me whether i wl join or not if they offer me i said yes. they said that i hve waiting list no 2 in ph category .so plz tell me when i will get to know tht i wl admitted or not bcoz i also hve company joining on 18...
hi boss i hve waiting list no 2 in ph category nd they also called me on 30 at 6 but not mailed . is ther ny chances that i will b admitted
hi i got call from iim Indore admi. to inform me that i hve waiting list no 2 in my ph category as on 27 june list .so plz anyone can tell me that wht is the probabilty of my clearance....... plz reply or call me 09461508809.......ppppplzzzzzzzzzzz
It generally takes sometime for the website to get updated. As you have been contacted directly go ahead with the things that needs to be done.
Hi I belong to ST and got into IIM indore..I wanted to know about freeship for ST as I am not eligible for scholarship according to annual income criteria..I received ST freeship in 4 yrs of engg irrespective of income..seniors from IIMs who received any such freeship(not scholarship/NBFA) or ...
me too, got the call yesterday nd mail d same eve asking to submit DD by 5th july,
Seniors pls veify, website is nt showing d admit status.
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