[2010-2012] IMT Ghaziabad Final Results out CAT & Related BSchools

Finally The results are out!!!
Here's the link
Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad
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I did not get any assignment on my mail ID.
Do we have to register anywhere giving our mail id so that we can updates there ?
hey everyone
I cancelled my admission today (FIN)....moments ago ...since i converted SIBM-p yesterday
Been a hell of ride here.................Started with great pride.....then become a bit apprehensive ......then a bit more.......but i thought this college is 30 yr old man ...and const...
Cnt v submit a hand-writen asignmnt?? Got no PC or laptop..
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hi seniors
if i reach the campus at 7.30 am tomorrow,will i be allotted the room at that time or will i have to wait for 2.5 hours and registration will start on 10.00 only..???
we have to submit our assignments in print, is there any facility available in IMT for taking printouts?
@all juniors
each and every question in the assignment shud be attempted by you irrespective of ur stream...
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Hi i am reaching around 8:45 in the morning from abad ..i am sending u a pm kindly contact me
Great Problem!! Now we've got Assignments!
Greatest Problem.....I still haven't received the Assignment, checking my inbox every hour or so! Checked the inbox inside out, but no signs of the it!
Called the IMT some tme back.. to check if iam in or not in the first place, though ive got ...
Can someone give the office number which is working(I mean someone is there to respond)..need to confirm if they have send my cheque (refund)..plz help
Hey congrats man! Great to have you in the same stream! ATB.. meet you at IMT!
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and i think all the questions need to be answered as we have common subjects in the first year so we need to have knowledge about every field.
yippieeeee.. My stream got changed from IT to FT , which was my first preference. m so happyyyyy..
@seniore or else
Can any one please clarify if we have to attempt part only pertaining to our specialization or the whole paper ?
In section-2 the assignment says "Attempt all questions" which i believe make it for all to attempt all questions.
Also The assignment has also parts on Econ...
I'm from pgdm-ft....am i supposed to do the marketing section in the assgnmnt or acc. to my interest(which is actually finance).
Seniors please reply
gr8 to see IB guys coming together, we will rock there at imt....
Yes, IT lab is open 24 hrs. There are two halls-one is full of CS players in the night. You'll have to sit in the other one
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assign has given the trailer of life ahead ... ao all d best to all puys ... c u on 20th ... with many more similar assignments to be done together ...
well don hav a laptop rite now nd was planning to buy it from clg bulk dealers... are the net labs open 24 hrs as i need to complete the assignment...
Are we required to do all the sections of the assignment?I'm from IB and there is no section on IB at all?Seniors please help.
Puys... Am starting tomorrow morning from bangalore... I will miss these days in bangalore and my lovely WIFE... She was so caring that I never had to be sad... I hope the next 2 years will run away so fastly that I will never miss her.. And hope to meet all of you on 20th and start writing the a...